1,000: thMillennial Post


- 1000 - 1,000 - M - 1 × 103 - 1 E+3 exactly -
- ألف - su - hiljada - mil - číslo - tusind - tausend -
- 千 - 一千 - millar - mila - mille - tuhat - τёжа - tshiên -
- אלף - tisuću - ezer - Þúsund - ち - せん - 천 - nkóto - míli -
- १,००० - duizend - tusen - tysiąc - waranqa - тысяча - tisoč -
- isang libo - หนึ่งพัน - một ngàn - một nghìn -

Or, THOUSAND (one).

Man. Given that the universe is a base-ten universe this occasion is of major significance not only for me and for you, but for the universe as well.

Given such gravity, I feel I should take this opportunity to examine all of time from this perspective of my 1000. First we will look back. Then we will look under the soles of our shoes. Then we will look into the soul of the future.


Looking back
    Names = 2 (Tehachapiltdownman, Thmazing's Thmusings)
    Svithes = 149
    Books discussed > 140
    Posts mentioning male genitalia even though I claim to hate such fixations ≈ 10
    Labels I use = 3
    Thvlogs = 10
    Thvlogs yanked by YouTube = 2
    Words in lds-eros posts > 20,000
    Placentas = 1
    Disgusting things > 1
    Animated gifs ≈ 6
    Runins with the law ≈ 1
    Shirts sold by Thtore = 4
    Lunch dates made in comments ≈ 1
    Dickinson parodies = 1
    Number of blogger originally linked to = 2
    Fish > 25
    Things blamed on NPR ≈ 10 (including this blog's very existence)
    Thimprovs and Abstructs > Q

Here and now
    It's been a good run, hasn't it? I am, overall, quite pleased with what this blog is, now, these thousand posts. When I started Tehachapiltdown man on August 8, 2005 I had no idea what my plans were. Looking back (see above) this is obvious.

    When I left Tehachapi, I needed a new name. Several made suggestions, but Cricket suggested Thmusings which was too perfect not to adopt. And so I did.

    But now I am changing the name again. Individual posts will still be called thmusings, but, now, welcome to Thutopia. The redesign is mostly completed (though never entirely) and I do, as the banner says, Welcome you to Thutopia.

Looking forward
    I think ambition is important. And now that the ides have past, I think it's a good time for me to show you what's in Thutopia's future:
      Manufactured statistics
      World peace in 15o-word increments
      Breaking news
      Free downloads
      First glimpses at Exciting New Books
      Sex, Drugs (OTC only), Rocknroll
      Someone who actually trounces me in the Preseason Oscar Game
      Ponzi schemes
      HiLARious videos
      Thvlogs that make sense
      Culturally insensitive typos
      Horrific descriptions of horrific rashes
      Tchtching of mass murder
      Chicken noodle thoup
      Carb-burning regimens
      Fonzi schemes (heeeey)
      Sulphuric acid, common everyday uses for
      Idiotic spam repurposed
      Snide remarks about the Other
      Amazing Photographic Evidence of my Awesome Spawn
      Links to stuff I write as appears elseweb
      Water polo
      Scotch tape
      Plutonium, common everyday uses for
      Comics and cartoons
      Bad Photoshop jobs
      Breaking news
      Massive loss of life and property by means of the Hayward quake
      Thonzi schemes (sign up now)
      Recipes for butternut squash
      Carpal tunnel syndrome
      Bits, bytes, pixels
      Religious epiphany
      Electoral College reform
      Chickens (sans eggs)
      Eggs (sans chickens)
      Eggs and Chickens (together)
      Penguins (see chicken pattern)
      Farm bills
      Luxembourg invasion
      Irony bailouts
      What everyone is talking about
      The elephant in the room
      The rest of the story
      Thexy thundercurrents
      Thorganic produce
      Thneezzes &
It's a thabulous future.

Join me.


T -th- H -th- M -th- A -th- Z -th- I -th- N -th- G


  1. I enjoyed the invisible "-th-"s.

  2. Oh--I just discovered that they aren't invisible here on the comments page.


  3. .

    Nothing's invisible on the comments page.

    It is sad.

  4. You had breaking news in there twice. I can only assume that one of them meant you would break the news, rather than just break it out.

  5. Does this mean thSatan has been bound?

  6. Congratulations on thgreat thaccomplishment.

  7. .

    I forgot:

    I have also sold a Class Hijinks shirt (no longer available).

    And perhaps it's worth noting that I estimate between 3 and 4 thousand comments.