Life's Simple Pleasures


Medicines that change the color of your pee. Awesome!


  1. By amazing coincidence, I've started a megadose regimen of Riboflavin to keep my migraines away. Neon yellow!

  2. I had a companion who ate too many beets one day and got scared that night because, well, he thought he was peeing blood. Not quite medication-colored pee, but a beet-pee experience is all I've got...

    Colored number two, on the other hand...now that's a different story.

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    Last week I was Easter-egg-coloring orange.

    And one of my clear memories of childhood was overeating a bright blue Cookie Monster cake and pooing very very green.

    Childhood is such a scatological time.....

  4. A number of years ago to promote the release of The Hulk, Hershey's came out with some green chocolate syrup. I thought that was pretty cool (though I didn't see the stupid movie until much later on cable), so I put some in the shopping cart and stirred up some green chocolate milk as soon as I got home. That night, for one reason or another, I spent some time praying (green) to porcelain god and for a couple of days thereafter had very green poo.

    I threw the almost full bottle of syrup away because just looking at it made me want to vomit.

    Ah, memories...

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    That is so . . . unnatural . . . .

  6. Too right. Now I can't understand the fascination I had with green chocolate milk. I mean, hell, what did I think would happen when I drank it...disgusting.

  7. Ah yes, the dreaded beet-pee.

    Call me boring, but I prefer light straw colour.

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    Isn't it nice when everyone can agree?