Regarding Sunstone West


My time is short so I will not be able to fully rehash Saturday's events, so I'll save my big (horrifying) story for tomorrow.

First, I have learned definitively that, even without jokes, I can be entertaining. When "Saturday's Werewolf" goes live at Reading Until Dawn you can see for yourself that, yep, no jokes. But a lack of jokes doesn't mean you can't get an audience to laugh. So that's a relief.

And thanks to FoxyJ, Skylark, BerCarTop, Lynette and Karen who call came to be a kind audience. It was nice that everyone I knew came. Even if that meant they missed the movie that, I really wanted to watch myself.

My respondent didn't disagree with much other than my introduction and so any concerns I had about being torn apart were unfounded. Also, she's read but two of the five books, so I actually was better prepared than she was in many respects. Even if I skipped the second book entirely.

This was my first Sunstone experience and there was much less of the heretic than I had suspected. Frankly, although self-definition might vary (expect a post on the Borderlands concept soon), I am in a similar intellectual place with most of the attendees.

Continuing this disjointed review, let me note now that I was disappointed to be the only person talking about Mormon art. I found that a pity.

My big regret is skipping out on the This I Believe session because a) I had intended to submit for that panel but never got around to it--even though I had something written, b) they ran out of time and c) now I won't be on YouTube. Curses.

(Actually, I am on YouTube. (Links available here.) Just not as part of the Sunstone thing. Ah well.

As FoxyJ mentioned, there was a milieu of bloggers exclaiming Oh! You are [X]? How exciting! I was surprised to be included in that. I don't frequently comment on the biggest blogs in the Bloggernacle so I didn't expect any name recognition, but my connection to Motley Vision provided. (Incidentally, aside to William, you might consider adding me as an official contributor. No matter how many times I clarified that I was not, I was still constantly introduced as such. As long as I'm sullying your name, I might as well do it officially.)

Oop! The bell just rang!

I'll tell my embarrassing tale tomorrow, then finish up with odds and ends later in the week.

Till then!


  1. Glad to hear your experience wasn't terrible. I'm anxious to see, however, what could embarrass Thmazing...

  2. I've been considering it. But you'll never win me over by dropping the indefinite article. ;-P

  3. I am still so sad I couldn't be there. A friend of mine went to your session and said it was really interesting.

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    Petra: Someone I know?

    Wm: I've been to the future and in the future are things are definite or they do not exist at all.

    Tyler: Oh, it's a doozy.(And not easily done.)

  5. Growing up I always heard 'Sunstone' evoked as some sort of apostate hinterland, and it's nice as an adult to find that it's really not that bad and that I mostly fit in there. I do wish that there was more discussion of art and aesthetics--the AML does some of that, but I do wish Sunstone went that direction a bit more (and that is my bias as someone involved with arts and letters). I noticed this a bit in the last session I went to, with the film about the episcopal priest. Those in attendance seemed to want to discuss the film as a political act, wheras I think that the filmmaker had conceived it first and foremost as an artistic creation and the politics only came later.

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    For these reasons I intend to submit again.

  7. I'm sorry I missed your session, even though I haven't read the books. It sounded interesting.

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    It was, I assure you. As was yours which, for some reason, is the one I can most clearly remember.

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