Ever wonder what's the most popular thing I've ever done (by far)? I'll tell you: The contents of this cat's belly.


I try hard, you know? And now as I approach my my 1000th post, I have to ask myself, What have I done, as a blogger, that's been really successful?

I can see two ways to answer that question: What has been of use to regular readers? and What has been of use to search-engine users?

To the latter question, the answer is clear. This disgusting image:

cat guts

One reason I stopped keeping track of my search-engine hits (besides that it just got to be too much to keep track of) was that every day (every day!) more than several people stop by looking for the above image. I don't know what the average is, but it's probably ten or twenty people. Looking for this image. Every day. The funny thing is that it's never actually appeared on my blog. I've only linked to it. So people who arrive through Google Image Search (or Yahoo! or AOL or whatever) looking for this image can't actually see it. Which seems unkind. So, given that possibly 25% of my total alltime viewership has come to see this image (it used to be fifty or sixty a day), I though that this millennial moment was a good time to finally put it on display.

The image is © by David B. Fankhauser, Ph.D., a professor of biology and chemistry at the University of Cincinnati Clermont College. And he has other striking images on his website such as

cat brain removalthis cat brain,

human hearta ready-to-barbecue human heart and

mystery beveragemm, well, I don't even want to tell you what this is.


(And keep up the good work, Dr Fankhauser!)


  1. This is a side of Dr. Fankhauser I've never seen. I'm a big fan of his cheese-making and bread, which should have posted today, actually on my blog. (my attempt at making the recipe from his website, actually)

  2. .

    Really! What a coincidence.

  3. I could have lived a while longer without having viewed these images. . . but I'm glad I didn't.

  4. .

    Incidentally, 14 of the last 30 visitors to Thmusings came through Google Image Search for those guts.

  5. First, that is gross.

    Second, you won a prize here. Don't know how else to reach you. Please come back to my site and email your snail mail address to me. Thanks.