Taboos, the breaking of


Yesterday I think I broke a (some) taboo (taboos?). Now, this is something I've done before (here for instance). However, I usually break taboos rather flamboyantly (the previous example suffices) and I think my sin yesterday was my matter-of-factness. What a curious sin to find I have committed.

Anyway. Just an observation. I have nothing else to say.


  1. 1) i liked the semen svithe.

    2) i think you need to remember what you wanted to say about that article. and then you need to write about it.

    3) i am glad you have few (no?) reservations talking about this kind of thing.

    4) i am also intensely curious as to how your eventual "birds and bees" chats will go down with your boys.

  2. .

    I'm quite curious about that myself.

    I suppose what I should do is reread that article....

  3. I read the article and thought it was quite interesting. I think he had some good points, which I agree with, a little faulty logic, and a few things that I just didn't agree with. Overall quite interesting.
    Also, I am more curious about May's poetry.
    Taboo or not, I'm glad you posted it.

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    I wish I knew more about her. She seems like the text version of Georgia O'Keefe's art and I wonder what her days were like.

  5. I thought the placenta one was the worst.