And thank you for Jesus and Harry Potter
(a svithe)


The Big O is going through a particularly religious phase right now, which is fun to watch. (Note: "Harry Potter" is just his accent; he's actually saying "Heavenly Father".)

Sometimes it's hard to know what Jesus meant when he said be like the kids. Kids, after all, are selfish, liars, mean, unkind and tactless.

But they also love. And isn't love what Jesus is all about?

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  1. Oh. You mean to tell me that the admonitions to be like little children don't start making sense once you become a parent?

    Drat. There goes THAT bit of hope....

  2. Kids that are little enough still love you even when you scream at them (we both proved that tonight). My biggest fear is that someday they'll grow up and stop forgiving me..

  3. Um. Maybe he meant to stop trying so hard to be nice and get real? I mean, kids are pretty real, if meanly so sometimes. . .hmm

  4. .

    That could be. Kids' tactlessness is the perfect evidence of their honesty.