So this is an interesting conference, right? Everyone always says every conference is "historical", but this one actually might be: President Thomas S. Monson presides the first time as President Thomas S. Monson and we get a new, perhaps historically significant apostle. Japanese perhaps. Or nine feet tall.


President Monson conducts.

"Lead Kindly Light"

Last night I had a fever and sweat through all the sheets and blankets and pillows and deep into the memory foam. Lady Steed's pretty mad at me. Especially because she didn't notice how soggy my side of the bed was until conference was starting.

We're listening on the computer in our bedroom. And now I need to put down the baby and help strip the bed.

Prayer time.


History--John Taylor's sustaining.

I don't remember this routine---how exciting!

[we all take turns standing and sustaining]

First Presidency sustains
[new apostle: D Todd Christopherson]
Quorum of the Twelve sustains
1&2 Qs of 70s and Pres Bishopric sustain
Area 70s, Ordained Patriarches, High Priests, Elders sustain
Aaronic Priesthood sustains
Relief Society sustains
Young Women sustain
Entire membership sustains

Other releasing and sustainings

Released: D Todd from 70pres
Released: 70s
Released: YW Gen Pres & Board

Sustained: L Whitney Clayton to 70pres
Sustained: 1st Q of 70, new guys
Sustained: Area 70s
Sustained: Elaine S Dalton as YW Prs and Counselors
Sustained: Everybody else as previously constituted

Seemed pretty unanimous.

Elder Russell M Nelson
    Welcome to the quorum, Todd.

    The loss of Pr Hinckley---shift from grief to gratitude.

    The Law of Common Consent

    We are no more strnagers but fellow citizens with the saints . . . and built upon the foundations of aposltes and prophets, Jesus as cornerstone

    To be saved or to gain salvation means to be saved from physical or spiritual death.

    We'll all be saved from physical death.

    To be exalted refers to the highest state of glory and happiness in the celestial realm, postmortality.

    The time to prepare is now.

    First, we need to hear and understand the gospel.

    Ergo, missionary work

    King who offered to mandate his people be baptized?

    That's not agency!

    Home: God's laboratory of love and service

    If families fail, much of society will fail--economies, etc. To say nothing of eternal potential.

    work and glory

    eternal life a possibilty for all who;ve ever lived

    (excuse typing, four-year-old on lap)

    (taking photographs of typing)

    which gift is the greatest of all the fidts pof GFod

    Worthy women! Woot!

    exaltation for BOTH of them

    Never released from that calling "parent".

    We must teach our children--and well--lots of bad stuff out there.

    love unfeigned

    increase of love

    When a child needs correctin, what can I say or do that would persuade him to shoose a better way.

    Show an increase of love promptly that seeds of resentment need not remain.

    Do not try to control your children, try to _________ them. (missed it. Big O was talking).

    What about grandparents and other ancestorys!

    We need them!


    Must be connected to our family.

    But no fear--things can work out later.

    As children of the covenant, highly favored.

    Blessed are ye if ye continue in my goodness.

    This life the time to prepare for salvation and exaltation.

    Salvation: Individual matter
    Exaltation: Family matter

    We are all accountable.

    The sacred titles of mother, father, daughter, son, grandmother, grandfather

Elder Ronald A Rasband
    Adding witness of the prophet.

    Some experiences are heavy trials that test our ability to cope.

    Can we learn to serve with greater empathy and love?

    Gaining experience? For our own good.

    As experiences accumulate they strengthen and support each other and strengthen our faith.

    Ergo, is it any wonder that God chooses his senior apostle to become his prophet.

    Remember when you first knew Joseph Smith was the prophet of the Restoration?
    Remember when you accepted Moroni's challenge?
    Remember when you had a prayer answered and felt God's love?

    In Peru, near Lake Titicaca:

    Floating islands. (!)

    Delicious fish generously shared.

    45m canoe ride to seminary and school.

    Dedicating new island with Melchezedek Priesthood.

    A new building block of experience for his building of faith.

    building blocks of faith

Cheryl C Lant, Primary Gen pres
    Her father had a beautiful ruby red ring; seems likely to become a tradition, father to son.

    All families have traditions--some material, some with deep meaning.

    Can be bad. Consider the Lamanites who could not have faith because of the traditions of their fathers.

    What are we passing along? Are they good? Are the material or eternal? Are we consciously sculpting them, or are circumstances buffeting us?

    Will our traditions make it easier or harder for our kids to follow the living prophets?

    Mosiah 5:15---be steadfast and immovable always abounding in good works

    Conversion is a firm belief in Jesus Christ as our Redeemer

    family foundation

    Papa passed on more than a ring--but also traiditions of faith and steadfastness.

    that Christ may seal you his

    We Can. (sounds familiar.....)

    true and living prophet today, prepared and brought forth to lead the Lord's Church

    as we become true and steadfast we will garner the blessings of heaven

Kenneth Johnson
    With knowledge of the great plan of happiness, responsibility to nhelp respond faith in the family.

    I remember this guy. I really liked his talk a few years ago.

    the source of intellectual capacity

    through logic and learning, understanding is increased

    one thing that becomes clear to the enlightened mind is that there are laws of balance

    brings us to high levels of attainment

    this also applies to ethical stnadards and moral values

    Ergo, we need to protect the home

    gaining an apprecition of the core values necessary for proper development

    learned from parents
    observing mother's devotion to family
    example of my father
    home's example of provident living and value of work

    never be satisfied with anything less than your best efforts

    Hooray for Pamela!

    67 years of happy family life, first as a son, all the way to being a grandfather

    oh, that these joys could be enjoyed by all!

    the application of intellect

    disciples of Christ learn by applying themselves to His words

    impact undeniable

    natural laws not determined by popularity, but reality

    much like the spiritual laws of divine plan

    marraige and family ordained of God

    must hand down a foundation of faith in the family as defined by Deity

    freedom and happiness is all life come by living in harmony with gospel principles

    patiently pray

    better than average General Conference Poem

Joseph B Wirthlin, apostle
    OF course we miss President Hinckley--we're all better people because of him--as the Church and the World.

    But now a few words about our new First Presidency.

    Monson a Might Man of Israel, foreordained to do this job.

    Many of the lowly call him friend

    His words and deeds show his respect for the -one-

    Eyring and Uchtdorf great too.

    Wirthlin called U as a stake pres in Frankfort.

    we need to seek out those who are lostthose who slip away from the flock because they feel their differences keep them from fitting in

    The Lord did not intend to people the world or his Church with a bunch of Stepfords that look talk and think alike--we're all different

    He denies none who will come unto him

    shouldn't make fun of people, guys---

    we need more compassion for those different from us--would solve many of the world's problems

    we've all felt tired or worried

    even Jesus felt tired

    we can't minimize other's trials--they may be so difficult to prepare

    On! on! to victory.

    to all you are weary: come unto me ye that are heavy laden and I will give you rest

    let us rely on that promise--the lord will support us with energy and vigor

    we have all made mistakes, stumbled and fallen---only Q: how will we respond?

    I'm missing every single joke. Kids, I swear.

    the Lord KNEW we would make mistakes
    that's what the Plan's all about--fixing them

    come join the fold and consecrate your talents and abilities.

    We cannot apologize for the truth.

    test the doctrine--you may know if it comes of God or if we speak of ourselves

President Monson ejoys hearing from his brethren. Back when M was running Germany, U would call him midnight SL time--best time to reach M.

Pr H B Eyring
    God said he gave us power. That would still be true.

    Only in the Church has the Lord lodged the power to seal on earth as well as on heaven.

    When JS was killed, they thought the Church would die, but it was NOT in fact the creation of a mortal man. And it survived, even when some of the mortals in charge schmucked things up.

    disobedience and lack of faith of early members led to the Apostacy

    We seem to be doing a better job. Yay us!

    Now it falls on us to ... don't know. It was probably important. Darn kids.

    We need to keep the pledge we kept today to support the Lord's service.

    Schould evaluate our depth of faith in the True Church.
    How committed are we to keeping the commandments.

    Always remember the Savior and try ever-harder to keep the commandments.

    When the Lord returns, the world will be spiritually prepared for him. This should motivate us.

    the power and faith of the memembers of the church to sustain those who have been called

    Pr M will be blessed by our sustaining faith
    As will his family

    We and they also sustained by God

    sustaining through service

    through the church and its ordinances, the sealing power which reaches into the eternal world

    the faith to find the names of our ancestors and bring them to the temple

    true and living church

    how are we being prepared for HIS return?

    the cleansing power through priesthood ordinances

    family survives the difficulties of geography and death and lack of opportunity in this life

    greatest joys in this life center in famileis--as is so in the worlds to come

    eternal glory

    power and authority given that they might speak

    retention retention retention

    every member a missionary

    as a person becomes truly converted, they will range across the earth in service

    giving seems unaffected by whether economic times are well or ill

    his witness: God will answer your prayers and give you a match

    *He* lives, he knows

UPDATE: Between sessions, we took off all the bedding and the memory pad and the mattress was wet too. Lady Steed says drink more water, Theric.


President Dieter F. Uchtdorf conducting.

A coed BYU choir: "The Morning Breaks."

Prayer by Gary Coleman of the 70. I kid you not.
Guess Church Ball was a life-changing experience.....

Now they'll sing . . . "Lean Lean on my Ample Arm"?

    Phew. Everything checked out.

FP Secretary (as of today, also a 70)
    AS of Dec 31, 2007


    stakes 2790
    missions 348
    districts" 618
    wards/brs: 27827
    members: 13193999
    increase of Chidlren of rec
    converts bapt 279x18
    missioanries 52686
    temples: a rededication
    toptal temples operatingh: 124

    died: GB Hinckley
    JE Faust
    Einice Bernice Hunter (pr Hunter's widow)
    Ruth W Fause (Fausts's wife)
    Neuenschwardner (wife of)
    Kay (wife of a Kay
    Cannon (former RS gen couns
    Warner (of SS Gen PR)

    That was hard.

Elder Dallin H Oaks
    A testimony comes from the Holy Ghost; is of true things. Eg, the Godhead and our relationship thereof.

    Testimony not travelogue, healthlog, sermon, expression of love for family, preaching to others, etc.

    Say I know that; visitor wonders What does that 'know' mean?

    A young man or woman: is testimony mission-ready?

    How does a testimony help others?

    What do we mean when we say we know? Contrast with I know it's cold or Lady Steed is super sexy?

    Scientifically proved? Nah.

    Not all important knowledge scientifically proved.

    JC: Blessed art though: for flesh hath not revelaed it but my father which art in heaven.

    We know the things of man by the ways of man.
    The things of God by the ways of God.
    The natural man can only hack the latter.

    Revealed knowledge not from books or testtubes of intellectual pondering.

    JS, while persecuted for Vision, compared himself to Paul and said: his vision was still real, he knew it and no amount of persecuation could change it--so with JS; I knew it, God knew it. I could not deny it, nor dared I.

    That was JS's testimony. How about us?

    How do we gain a testimony?

    If we shall ask, we shall receive---knowledge upon knowledge etc.

    Jesus: if any man will do His will, they shall know

    Also (not like methods for other knowledge): gained by bearing it

    Someone suggested that better than the prayer half of the equation

    Also: we need the sacrament (to always have his spirit to be with us)

    We need to share our testimonies.

    Gift of testimony = duty to bear it.

    Spiritual gifts: to some it is given to know; to others it is given to believe on their words that they might also have eternal life

    Those with the gift to know have the duty to bear that others might exercise their gift and have eternal life.

    Must share with honest seekers.

    Valiant in the testimony of Jesus!

    Our children must hear us bear our testimonies frequently.

    Our time: some misrepresent our believes and say mean things.
    At such times, we have a duty to speak out in clarification.
    We should be the ones to state our beliefs.

    Speak in mildness and in meekness.
    Never overbearing or shrill or reviling.
    Speaking the truth in love.
    Anyone can disagree; no one can refute.

    Yeah yeah yeah we have leaders. But when it comes to testimony, it's between us and God and the Holy Ghost.
    That's what our critics don't understand: how we follow our leaders yet independent in what we understand.

    We all have two chanels to God: a Channel of Governance (church stuff)
    Also: Channel of Personal Testimony (direct to God)
    (see details in official transcription to be available at the Church's website soon!)

    obedience enhances knowledge

    We all act on knowledge of all sorts.
    This is not blind action. No matter the type of knowledge.

    We must avoid arrogance or pride in our bearing of testimony. Always.

    That's abominable!!! --Jacob

    Now, his testimony. He knows we have a HF whose plan brings us to Earth and on ourto our destiny. He knows Jesus Christ and what he did. They two appeared to JS. I know today we're led by a prophet, TSM.


Robert D Hales (12)

    I, like you, appreciated the participation in the solemn assembly. But! Here's a bit of doctrine and help: it wasn't a vote. It was a commitment--a covenant.

    Glad I had that chance.

    Atonement real.

    Articles of Faith

    We believe in God the Eternal Father and in his son Jesus Christ and in the Holy Ghost.

    JS knew: he wanted to know which church to join.

    James: "If any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of God"

    And so he did. And he was visited and taught and thus it was.

    Behold my Beloved Son: Hear ye him.

    I have finished the work though gavest me to do.

    Glory shared with the disciples.

    They became *one*.

    In Gethsemene, in preparation, Jesus prayed for strength to do his Father's work.

    Contemplate the love the Father has for his Son, and for all of us.

    He is the Holy One of Israel who came to take away the sins of the world, and He will come again.

    revealed according to our obedience and desires

    whatsoever ye shall ask in [Jesus] name believing it is right and it is and believing ye shall receive, ye shall obtain.

Gerald N Lund (70)
    (He was the stake president of the stake Lady Steed and I met in. I don't think I ever met him though. Also, I've never read Work and the Glory. Please don't tell him.)

    Erecting fences around our hearts. (Hey....that's from MY book!)

    What about the gateways in. Specifically, the gateway for the Holy Ghost?

    Will we allow him in?

    Consider: agency is so sacred, God will never force his way in; we are the gatekeepers of our own hearts and must, of our own free will, open up our hearts and let the Holy Ghost in

    Pure in Heart (untainted) a definite qualification

    Behold there are many called, but few chosen. Why? Their hearts set on the things of this world.

    Don't grieve the spirit!

    Be thou humble and the Lord thy God will lead thee and give thee answers to thy prayers.

    "ere he is aware he is left to himself"
    Don't let this happen to you!

    I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.

Carlos Amado (70)
    [sorry--diaper EMERGENCY]

    something about perished meat?

    we as a church must feed the hungry etc

    with fast offerings, we can make this happen

    when we have natural disasters (ours upcoming any day now) we help those of all faiths --- by commandment of the Lord: to bless all

    we are allowed to exercise our agency even when we consistently blow it

    Christ will not force us to do right, but he WILL show us the way

    he requires that we demonstrate a change

    as we think of the needs of others, we can develop the virtues the Savior has

    When ye are in the service of your fellow beings....

    Plus, that's how you come to understand God

    sacrificing all you have....

    service opportunities for all

William Walker (70)
    [I was just thinking--is it an irony that once 70s hit 70 they can't be 70s anymore?]

    photo of the First Presidency (GAS, JRCj, DOMcK) at the grandparents' home -- the effect it had on him
    displayed so that all who entered would see it

    later, he equated that photo to Joshua: choose ye this day, but as for me and my house, we shall serve the Lord

    what's the significance of 3, rather than just 1 president?

    a man must be called of God by prophecy and the laying on of hands

    the proper order of presidents -- 3 presiding High Priests make the Quorum of the Presidency of the Church -- a quorum of three presidents, the presidency of the Lord's Church

    Not the normal world way -- but how the Lord organized his Church

    my ways are not your ways....

    When George Albert Smith died, G&G changed the photo to DOmcK and his counselors.

    The First Presidency is a pattern to look to as we strive to run things properly in all leadership roles

    Counselors are there for a purpose -- GBH

    GBH: He had each counselor present at each meeting and decide together ; you can't be a one-man show in a presidency ; counselors are wonderful -- they save you from many errors

    in Presidencies, we should work and discuss until we are all unanimous and decided together

    the Lord's pattern

    wisdom and strength will follow us as we follow the FP's example

    this is the work of the lord JC and we are led by prophets and apostles, with TSma nd his counselors atop

Elder Richard G Scott (12)
    solemn witness of his deep love for TSM and how much RGS trusts him and will do whatever he asks

    message of healing for those who have been abused, who have suffered through others' unrighteous acts, victims

    resolving the tragedy of abuse

    the rising tide thereof -- even if it hasn't touched you personally, may well have touched someone you love


    goal is to heal, not to aggravate painful memories

    we have agency; which God knew some would abuse

    since God is just, there must be away to overcome the effects of such abuse

    when combined with pure repentance, even the perpetrator may be healed

    through the Atonement, the victims can be fully healed

    story of a girl who forgave her father and tried to find healing for her father


    obedience to the laws

    Satan is the author of all the destructive outcomes of abuse

    [DISCLAIMER: Svithetaculars are done on the fly; one should always look up the actual talks at lds.org for the actual texts and to assure I haven't made any gross errors]

    these abuses can affect your life powerfully, BUT THEY ARE NOT YOU -- that is what Satan would have you believe

    Satan also would have you abandon God and healing--or have you believe He has abandoned you

    Jesus Christ died to provide that healing
    Jesus Christ died to provide that healing
    Jesus Christ died to provide that healing

    don't discount professional help as well as ecclesiastical, but never forget: TRUE HEALING COMES IN CHRIST

    slow the steps to your capacity

    get help now; do not fear (fear is a tool of suffering); the Lord will help you, but you must reach out

    Abusers can create an outer appearance of piety, but persevere.

    All sinners will be help accountable. Fear not.

    Now. You abusers. You need help. Now. You will not overcome this alone. Seek to be rescued. NOW!

    You may have deceived yourself that you've hidden your transgressions, but know: Jesus knows. Even if the victim never tells. And all will know. Satan always exposes and abandons.

    Now words for church leaders who will handle these situations.

    Rest assured, all of you, the Lord will help you.

Elder L Tom Perry (12)

    Five Ingredients of the Gospel:

    1. Goal - bring immortality and eternal life

    the duty of missionaries is to invite others to come unto Christ
    (repentence, baptism, HG, endurance, etc)

    pictures in cookbooks important because they let us know the correct outcime
    important to begin with an end in mind
    the picture's end only possible if directions followed correctly
    otherwise, too bad
    although the picture could serve as motivation to try try again

    what is the picture of eternal life?
    if we had it, we would immediately begin to behave differently
    (ht/vt, church attendence, temple worship, etc)

    missionaries are to help others find faith in JC

    if we have faith in JC we accept the Atonement

    JC: the gospel is that I came into the world to do the will of my Father
    you are to repentence, baptism, HG, endurance, etc

    cry unto him for he is mighty to safe

    a broken heart and a contrite spirit?
    then baptized with fire and the Holy Ghost

    a cleansing process
    to receive the Holy Ghost (for those cleansed from the sins of the world)

    baptism cleanses, sure, but also Illuminates the Soul

    water baptism begins that process
    spirit baptism completes it

    a gate and a binding covenant

    And pass the ammunition!

    from a watery gave to a newness in Christ

    maintain faith always! pray! fast!

    (sorry about the lousily transcribed recipe --- look it up)

    follow the recipe of the gospel of Jesus Christ!


Rather than taking the time to transcribe my notes this time, I just tried to write extra neat. Then I scanned and uploaded to Photobucket, which then shrunk them some. I still find them to be remarkably legible as a whole, however.

Roll over to see who was talking at the time, then click any to enlarge (it'll open in a new window).

Priesthood Session 178.0Priesthood Session 178.0Priesthood Session 178.0Priesthood Session 178.0Priesthood Session 178.0Priesthood Session 178.0Priesthood Session 178.0Priesthood Session 178.0Priesthood Session 178.0Priesthood Session 178.0Priesthood Session 178.0Priesthood Session 178.0

You know, I don't really know if that saved any time?


I have no idea what's going on. The choir's singing; President Monson's conducting; who's speaking I know not.

Even feverless I sweat through everything last night (LS hates me now) and so Lady Steed stripped the bed and threw it all in the washer. Then she got in the shower. Then the washer started thumping violently and Large S spilled the Big O's breakfast all over and I was running around madhouse and, well, if speakers have been announced, I know not.

I was going to try the new beta video streamer, but it skips too. I suppose I can blame that on DSL. So we're doing this audio-only again.

Phew. We're okay:

Pr Uchtdorf
    How happy to be, like you, a memeber of this church, one of you.

    His call is teaching him humility gratitude and faith.

    We neither seek nor decline callings.

    When Fred Williams called to be a counselor to Joseph Smith, he was .... told stuff.

    A few words on Pr Monson

    Once in Hamburg, together, Pr Monson asked about a German Saint -- who was ill -- so they went to see him.

    Pr Monson had just had a painful foot sugery and had to climb five flights to see him

    (we just lost audio for most of a minute)

    Monson's vision broad enough for all, but still focused on individuals.

    He went about doing good.

    We come from all walks of life and all cultures.

    (large s is on hi-destuct mode today)

    related to Martin Luther
    respect him too
    also, 11th article of faith

    "faith of our fathers" can mean many things -- many possible faiths

    What is that? Our grandpas' religion?
    What of our more distant ancestors?
    Our Father in Heaven?

    This faith--God desires that all receive it

    True religion doesn't arise from what pleases people or matches tradition
    True religion is what pleases God

    We invite all to taste of his doctrine and see if it is not good and sweet and precious, and then ask God and see if it is not true.

    And faith will make you whole

    This is our message to the world.

D Todd Christofferson
    Just think -- 15 years ago I thought I knew what it meant to feel inadequate.

    His parents, the great foundational blessing of his life.

    Richard G Scott was one of his mission presidents.


    (I've been off changing diapers, but from what I've heard, I think he's been talking about the cleansing power of the Atonement)

    Jesus has had no more devoted friend than Joseph Smith

Sheldon F Child of the 70
    Raised the calf -- then, loving it and wanting the money.

    Result: 20 silver dollars. Woot!

    Two for tithing was tough.

    But man did it feel good.

    There are laws irrevocably decreed in heaven, and all belssing flow from obedience to those laws.

    the leap of faith to pay tithing -- doing so allows the testifying of the windows of heaven opening

    breadfruit from heaven

    cyclical economies? sure. but always tithng first. along with wisdom and judgment

    HJG: if you're honest with the Lord ... (audio cut out again)


    people were struggling (somewhere) and Widstoe told them to pay tithing

    the West African lady's tithing story and her great material success -- but the greatest blessing is that my children love the lord

    This is the great blessing of paying a full tithe: access to sacred temple ordinances.

    tithing: the best investment you will ever make

(we've lost audio again in the song)

Sister Tanner, released YWpres
    (Sister Tanner visited our ward a couple months ago (she's a former member thereof); only the YW really spoke with her--them and old friends)

    (No audio -- modem's on the blink)

Pr BK Packer
    (shut down, restart, shutdown, restart, vacuum, unplug, replug, clean, detach, retach.....)

    something about being an apostle

(we took this opportunity to switch mouses and I have to say: I like wireless. No if I just had a wireless keyboard, I could type in (the soaked) bed)

This is a really interesting rendition of Hie to Kolob. Not sure I like it....

President Monson
    (uhoh -- audio just went)

    (modem's out again)

    (oh it's back! and we did nothing!)

    in mememoriam gbh

    recounting the method of succession

    he knows god lives and this is his work

    the sweetest experience is to feel his promptings

    we can all feel the lord's inspiration

    trials and heartaches along the way
    (leaving Scotland, you see)
    orphans, journey

    (large s picking my nose)
    (hard to type)

    come back and taste the sweet fruits!

    come back

    Come Unto Me

    whatsoever things are true honest just pure true lovely good report, think on these things

    show kindness and respect to all

    the world is diverse

    also kindness and love in our families
    the storm must stop at our door
    kindness and peace reign

    waging a war against sin we will win -- we've been given the tools and are led by God who loves us each one

    surrounded by the pain of broken hearts

    the distorted prism of pessimism

    feeling thus?
    turn to our HF in faith
    he will comfort you in love

    "I pledge my life my strength and all I have to offer in serving him...."

What is this organ music they play before picking up the feed of every session--?


conducting from President Uchtdorf
(no conducting from Eyring? I wonder why? He didn't seem ill....)

Another interesting arrangement -- this one of Called to Serve -- I like this one.

Elder Holland of the 12
    As the first to speak since your singular message this morning, may I just say that of all the priveleges over this conference we have all had, I cannot help but feel that the most important was to witness personally the settling of the sacred prophetic mantle upon your shoulders -- almost as it were by the angels.

    (Incidentally, I certainly did feel that this morning. On paper it may seem like any Monson talk, but there was something astonishing about it, the way the message came into me. So amen, Brother Holland.)

    So! There are two reasons people accuse us of not being Christians. The Godhead thing and the open canon of scripture. Let's talk about the second.

    Many -- oft because they love the Bible -- claim there can be no more revelation or scripture or divine expression. Like the BofM and the D&C and today's messages. For instance.

    We reject this unscriptural description of Christianity.

    That scripture in Revelation.
    (which [obviously] only applies to Revelation)

    But! Here's a simpler answer: the Bible as we know it did not exist when that verse was written.

    Interesting facts about Greek NTs.

    Seriously though, if one revelation in time is sufficient for that time and all time, why more scripture ever? Why not stop at Moses?

    Continuing revelation does not demean or discredit existing revelation. Never has.

    Were early Christians offended by the emergence of the Gospel of John? Hard to imagine.

    (it occurs to me that the svithetacular would be a good use for twitter....)

    The Bible alone---the only thing 1830s churches had in common was belief in the Bible. Yet....battleground.

    one of the great purposes of continuing revelation is to teach that the bible (etc) is true -- that you may believe "that" (the bible)

    We build up the Bible.

    scripture points AWAY from itself and gives authority to GOD
    scriptures, therefore, are not the source of authority
    that is the Living God
    that is where we must look

    this doctrine is at our heart
    it dramatizes the sustaining of yesterday

    we believe in a God who is engaged in our lives

    we believe all god has revealed does reveal will reveal

    we pray never to be insensitive or arrogant

    let all inquire of him

    he spoke then
    he speaks now

    Quoting Ralph Waldo: teach that God IS not WAS, that he SPEAKETH not SPAKE
    (great talk, that -- look it up -- I'll bet it's in WikiCommons)

    so: Thomas S Monson has the mantle upon him now, to be the prophet to this Earth

    we invite all the examine what we have received of God
    drink deeply at the well of eternal, flowing water

    God lives
    he loves us
    he speaks

    Thanks, God!

Elder Bednar of the 12
    Today: the principle of asking in faith in meaningful prayer


    prayer is essential, yes, we know; but is it reflected in what we do?

    classic example is Joseph Smith's prayer prior to the First Vision

    "ask in faith, nothing wavering"

    faith: to ask and to do / communicate and act

    JS asked not just what to know but also what to do

    asking in accord with good principles is an essential part of faith

    faith is not just belief but a power to action

    faith in Christ leads to righteous action

    understanding faith as a principle of action (good)

    we are agents unto ourselves
    how we doin'?

    asking requires belief and work
    work needed to receive answers
    and the highest of blessings

    "the consecrated work of prayer" continues after we say AMEN

    we commonly pray for the missionaries to find prepared people
    BUT: are we preparing people for the missioanries to teach?

    missionaries are full-time teachers
    we are full-time finders
    we should not pray for the missionaries to do our work

    holy comunication + consecrated work ---} to be applied also to prayers for the needy, the lonely, the lost, et cetera

    as we do so, doors will open
    we will be blessed to recognize the opportunities
    and will be able to act

    sick boy, travelling, continuing to pray, "Lord, increase our faith"

    dispute not because you see not for you receive no witness until the trial of your faith

    mighty miracles occur postfaith (so to speak)

    accomplished according to faith

    recognizing the will of God in our lives

    fortified with understanding trust

    let thy will be done

    just one last time.....

    and then she was gone

    discerning the will of God in our lives is a fundemental part of prayer
    just saying thy-will-be-done not enough
    we must actively seek to align our will with God's
    sort of like Jesus did
    in Gethsemene
    let that be our example
    that we follow
    day by day
    and every day

    prayers are not wishlists, but for blessings God is eager to give
    ergo, blessings may not arrive or arrive as expected
    what do we know?

    Well. That's something to work on.

    Not my will, but thine be done.

Elder Craig (Greg?) Swick (?) of the 70
    (he sounds really old)

    JS persecuted for telling the truth, ridicule as a weapon.

    Oh, how little things change. Heh.

    Ethan, little boy, he's getting all sorts of problems in all sorts of directions. Anxiety . . . fear of rejection . . . common among teenagers. Ethan feels bombarded.

    He asked: "Mom, do I need to lower my standards to keep my friends?"

    a profound question for each of us
    how are we answering?
    Mom answered no.

    Swick says, Don't do it, Ethan! Don't stand down! You can do it! Sometimes you may be alone, but not always. Pray for guidance and protection from the Lord. He will sustain you and become a trusted friend. And your example will attract good friends.

    the great and spacious building
    mocking and pointing

    Maxwell: the laughter of the world is just loneliness trying to reassure itself


    Packer: however out of step we seem, we will not cannot yield

    do we recognize well-camoflaged temptation?

    God has not given us the spirit of fear
    be not thou therefore ashamed of the testimony of our Lord

    consider Abinidi -- who could have saved himself
    but would not recall the truth (in the sense of "take back", not "remember")

    as we follow him, we will be able to make and keep sacred covenants

    fear not little flock, let earth and hell fight but they cannot prevail

    we must fortify ourselves
    that fortification found in: JESUS CHRIST

Elder . . . Starr?
    amazing power in a flashlight!!!!!

    circles of light!
    cones of light!
    glowing hand!

    Now consider SPIRITUAL light!
    (betcha didn't see that one coming!)

    Spiritual light must burn within us?

    learn true doctrine
    gain pure testimony
    live the gospel courageously

    let's try the virtue of the word of god

    the word of god, the words of Christ, words through His prophets

    1832: the light of Christ: from the presence of God to fill the immensity of space: the law by which all things are governed (did I get all that right?)

    that light can inspire all folks in all walks to do great things

    light as a mediator? I need to read up on new photoresearch....

    obtain knowledge by study and by faith

    we can learn of God through our physical senses, but spiritual seeking with real intent is even better

    SWK: these are 'hidden' knowledges -- but only hidden from those who do not properly seek

    the joy of the Saints

    MRBallard: a clear declaration of truth makes the difference, changes hearts

    we all have to accept the consequences of our actions
    ask a child

    he that receiveth light and continueth in God receiveth more and more

    but as for me and my house we will serve the Lord
    and my temple's but twenty or so minutes away

    as we live in harmony with the truth taught we will see more clearly our eternal destiny

Elder Dennis Neuenschwandderrrr (sp)
    in Luke, a woman with a bleeding condition for years and years and years

    she touched Jesus's garment

    Hey--who touched me?

    What do you mean, boss?

    Um. It was me?

    Go in peace: thy faith hath made thee whole.

    Think of the crowd. What were -they- doing there? Curiosity? To mock?

    Then there was this woman. Outwardly, she looked the same. But there was something that set her apart from the rest of the crowd. Though buried in the mass, she pressed forward with the purpose in faith to be healed by the Savior.

    In this one thing she set herself apart: they came to see, she came to be healed.

    Other examples:
    Alma, alone among the priests of King Noah -- an evil crowd indeed -- yet one belived
    with courage he walked into righteousness and changed much
    crowd: great and spacious building, mocking and pointing at the partakers
    some listened and fell away
    others paid no heed
    they enjoyed the full blessings of the Tree of Life

    these stories not about crowds but about the individuals among them
    they are about you and me

    new members in new lands like Alma
    the courage to accept the gospel alone

    but we all know what it means to partake and pay no heed all alone
    to some degree

    who better than the Savior to save the one among the crowd?
    he knows well how that feels
    he had no beauty, as it has been said

    despised, rejected of men, a man of sorrows, despised, esteemed not, stricken, afflicted

    the world, because of iniquity, shall judge him as a thing of naught

    yet he emerges from the crowd as the Anointed One

    the stone the builders rejected become the head of the corner

    in all of life's circumstances, let us press on

Elder Lance B Wickman

    return to Vietnam

    these days a useful vibrant population
    peace! new growth!
    yesterday was gone! today was there! the future coming!
    weeping may endure for the night, but brightness brings the morrow

    Palm Sunday 42 years ago.

    Please sir, they can't kill a tough old bird like me.
    yet that very day he was killed

    Mortality is so fragile. The worlds so close, one heartbeat away.
    Death a curtain through which we all must pass.
    Of all the challenges we face, perhaps the greatest is that mortality is eternal.
    That we have as long as we can imagine.

    The day of THIS LIFE is the day for men to perform their labors.
    Do not procrastinate your labors until the end.
    When you die, that same spirit will possess you.

    THE DAY of this life

    life but a shortlived vapour

    thankfully, we do have today

    So he was right to -- he could not be killed -- we are immortal. But will we live with God? That is a very different question.

    THE DAY of this life

    repent and share
    repent and share

    cross the threshold of this life into eternity

    TODAY is the day to forgive others their trespasses

    In the end, repenting and forgiving are among God's chief requirements of us.

    Thank you, Redeemer of Easter Morning. For giving us tomorrow if we but seize today.

    (nice talk)

Elder craig/greg (i forget the last name--darn first name!)
    Prophets speak as they are moved upon by the Holy Ghost, which is then scripture and the power of God unto salvation.

    The benefit of living scriptures.
    As well as canonized scriptures

    Nephi loved the darn things.

    Scriptures bring us to believe in God.

    Why do we need additional witnesses of Christ?
    What do you think?
    Well, so many versions from the Bible, we may need clarifications.
    Mm. Good. Let's move from there.

    BofM is a book with a promise. A book of scriptural significance which should be read under the influence of the Holy Ghost. In both Moroni and the intro, all are invited to read and ponder and the ask God the Eternal Father if the book is true. Do so in faith and you will gain a testimony via the HG.

    (fascinating to me, incidentally, how often I read other Christians saying that claim of divine access is proof we are not of God. love how they can dictate to whom God may speak; very sweet of them; must save divinity lots of time)

    great doctrines therein

    perfect brightness of hope

    love of god and of all men

    the book testifies that jesus is the christ, the savior of the world (all of it)

    BofM prophets knew him as have all of them

    BofM is tangible evidence of JS's holy call

    And that Jesus is the Savior of the World

    (those things all go together)

Elder Ballard
    after his wife's surgery, his back has been undergoing some abuse bending and twisting where his wife used to bend and twist

    so: women are awesome

    today: young mothers


    he was bishop for ten years; they had 6 of 7 kids during that time

    then he was released to sit with his family

    then the mothers went up to sing
    alone with the kids
    handpuppets on both hnads
    not working
    cheerio escape
    no luck with coloring books
    meanwhile, Barbara watched and smiled

    he then learned to better appreciate what mothers manage

    no role more essential or eternal than motherhood

    no one way to be a perfect mother

    a kid's 18 years at home only a fourth of a parents' life
    their earliest years, only a tenth of their own

    we haven't much time

    the full commitment of motherhood and putting children first is not easy
    often husbands have no idea of the demands made upon them
    stupid husbands
    (no offense, husbands!)

    simple things can make a mother's life more rewarding

    What can you do to release the pressure?
    recognize that the joys come in moments
    (LS adds: and a dishwasher -- duly noted)
    live in the moment -- that will be clearer when the moment is gone
    on a quilt on the grass in the shade on a summer day -- do you remember? the details?
    why rush on to the next thing? treasure the now
    doing over getting done

    don't overschedule you or the kids

    find time for yourself -- your own gifts and interests -- things you would like to learn or do -- then LEARN OR DO THEM

    cannot draw water from an empty well

    avoid substance abuse
    (I think he means Red Bull)

    soap operas and mindless surfing -- not the best hobbies (mindnumbing)

    pray deeply
    to the eternal parent of us all

    we are steward parents over thy children, Father

    what more can a husband do?
    (LS: get her a dishwasher)
    (I think she means it)
    talk with her about each child and what I can do to help
    give her a day away now and then
    (also increases appreciation - for lifting twisting bending)
    come home and BE HOME

    what can kids -- even little kids --
    pick up toys
    do dishes
    say thank you
    say I love you

    what can the Church do to help mothers?
    there's lots but:
    let the bishopric and ward counsel be careful of asking too much of young mothers and their families at this time in their lives
    by small and simple things are great things brought to pass

    never wonder if you have worth in the sight of the Lord
    we appreciate your influence

    (this chair's way too uncomfortable for eight hours of this)

    prepare together now to be together through all eternity

    find joy and happiness in your sacred roles as daughters of God

    additional witness of Pr Monson's prophetic call -- he's known him for 58 years and has witnessed his preparation all this while -- also: Jesus is the Christ, this is his Church and we are doing his work

(was that really all the apostles? I don't remember Nelson.... Was anyone taking notes?)

President Thomas S. Monson of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
    I've been attending conferences quite a long time. But I don't think I've ever felt quite as blessed as at this session. A smorgasboard of faith and love and counsel. Let's incorporate it in our lives.

    Hey, Ballard!: My wife left a note:

    Dear kids, don't let Daddy touch the microwave or the stove or the dishwasher or the drier

    ---I'm embarrassed to add any more to that list.

    His father's father from Sweden, married then happy. Then, in two weeks, sent alone to Sweden for two years. Can you imagine?

    His journal, mostly, "My feet are wet."

    But also a tell of the Jansen sister who paid a tithing beyond.

    Wait--- I need to see that in print. I didn't follow that genealogy.

    LS: His father-in-law taught by his grandfather. Yes? We think so.

    (almost lost audio again)

    funny story -- look it up

    His wife had a bad fall earlier this year, in a coma 27 days, he sat by her, she never moved. The whole family cried. I'm almost crying.
    Then, she opened her eyes. He kissed her. And hugged her.
    You're back, I love you.
    I forgot to pay the taxes.

    Let's treat our wives with dignity and respect.

    a fine conference

    I have felt you prayers and sustaining vote

    We are shifted to the Savior.

    Show love to your children.
    Make sure they know you love them.
    Let them know.
    Call upon HF for help each day.
    Parenthood has endless challenges.

    Young folks!
    Good job!

    You temple attenders -- go often -- good for your marriages and families

    I pray for you; pray for me; together we will reap the blessings God has in store for us.

    This work is true.


So is it just me? Could you tell that President Monson was truly different today? He is in a different role and he has been made different to have that work. This is true and this is real. He is the prophet of God upon the earth. We are so blessed.

Let us pray for him. Let us return to Christ. Let us repent and forgive and endure.

Oh. And: Happy Birthday, Jesus!

See you in sixmonths, svithetaculars!


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