To your left (volume five)


Tolkers's Broken Arms
    I had a dream about Tolkers last night. I dreamed he had died, and not pleasantly, while we were on the outs, just before our mutual graduation. Shortly before the ceremony, I received word that he had forgiven me so I decided to go ahead with it. But that didn't stop our fellow graduates from despising me and blaming me for his awful demise. I still feel terrible. So to make up for it, I'm sending traffic his way today.

Tolkien Boy

Earth Sign Mama's Write
    Since I first met Tolkien Boy at Earth Sign Mama's home in Vegas, one might think that, since they were both confirmed in 2005, this is when I first met her as well. Not so. I met her much earlier in Provo--possibly as long ago as 2003. But I'm not sure when we first met, so, sinning on safety's side, she's under 2005.

    Earth Sign Mama is a wonderful person and I like her so darn much. For instance, when I bruised my thigh, she let us Thteeds stay with her until we had put our car well enough to carry on. Not everyone would do that. Chickens, for instance, would probably peck you to death.


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