Tuesday is the day you find things


When I was in elementary school--sixth grade--I had a string of good luck wherein I received or found--at no cost to me--a bunch of cool stuff, always on Tuesdays. Thus, Tuesday became the day I found things.

In part, this designation was one symptom of my desperate attempts to be superstitious. Other failures included....
    I tried to have a lucky clothespin. I kept forgetting to rely on it.

    My three-taps,-three-swings routine simply didn't help me hit the baseball.

    And all the traditional ones--black cats, ladders, salt over shoulders--simply did nothing for me. Too silly. And illogical.
I don't know what the big deal is. Tom Sawyer never had any trouble whatsoever being superstitious. It's not fair!

Anyway, I'm thinking I need to make another effort at being superstitious. I'ld like to start by finding cool stuff on Tuesdays, but here are some other notions I may try:
    ♦ Eat potato chips Friday nights in order to grow my investments.

    ♦ Shoot rubberbands at toddlers to stave off dementia.

    ♦ Scratch the backs of my thighs to ward off the evil eye.

    ♦ Stick my hands in my pockets whenever I see a shady character. And whistle.

    ♦ Same thing if I see a cop.

    ♦ Take my hat off indoors--I already do this anyway, but now I'm going to be motivated by a fear of vengeful earthquakes.

    ♦ Stick my fingers in my ears whenever I see an ad for luxury automobiles.

    ♦ Yawn every Monday morning at 2am.
If you have any superstitious suggestions for me, please don't hesitate to send them my way.


  1. Tuesday is also the day to cut your hair and nails to ensure wealth, or to get married for wealth, and if you were born on a Tuesday, you are full of grace.

  2. can't add anymore, but I'm all about shooting the rubber-bands at toddlers!

  3. the clothes pin didn't work because it's not permanant enough, try a saftey pin on your coat.

  4. The ladder thing is logical. Walking under one can be very unlucky, especially if someone is using the ladder to stand on while painting.

    My favourite superstition is that if you scratch the ceiling of your car as you go through an amber light you'll get a kiss. Ironically we first started doing this in order to tease a friend who used to do it...and now we all do it. Doh!