Shallow Boasting

My blog is worth $16,371.66.
How much is your blog worth?


So in less than a month I've gone from being $0.00 to being more valuable than anyone I link to (at current values--maybe not what they have posted on their page), which makes me proud and cocky (as usual) and further proves that this measure is totally unreliable as I've always said.

Of course, that won't stop me from accepting $16,371.66 if you really want this URL.

That said, I am so frickin awesome.

And being worth more than a grand more than Miss Nemesis is more proof of virility than any man needs.


  1. Pshaw. Your Technorati blog valuation may say you're worth more than me, but according to BlogShares, my blog is worth $363.01 a share whereas yours is worth a paltry $2.45.

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    You have no idea how many times I've had to split that stock to keep the investors happy. It's ridiculous.

    If you click on your links again, you'll note that my overall value is $24,068.15 compared to your paltry $9,988.01.

    That's a cute penny, Edgy.

  3. I signed up for this website and can't for the life of me figure out how to use it. I buy shares of my stock occasionally only because it's the only thing that makes sense enough for me to figure out how to do. I'm happy for you, but forgive me if I don't know why...

  4. Ahem. $19,758.90, baby. And that's from a few months ago.

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    Yeah, but you've dropped since then, honey. Check it again.

    Historical highs don't count.

  6. Gah! How did this happen???

    I don't like you anymore.

  7. I have remained stable at $0.00. As far as I know, I have never gained nor lost. It makes me a little sad, but not as sad as I would be if I had to start paying people to read it.

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    I will never get over this.

    You know, of course, that I can't help it if I'm just better than you.

    Take it up with God.

  9. Back in the game, baby. $18,629.82


  10. .

    $16,936.20 and counting....