Blogging in the library with just a few moments left


Oh crap. I had an idae it was soemthing to do with cracks in the sidewalk and alittle bit funny biut really I don't wuite remmeber it noa dn now I'm about out of time and typing too fast and probably making all sort of egregious errors which will lessen me in the minds of all those who once respected me without reallu knowindsg whtat tyey were doing

Crapcrapcrap times arunnin out and now I realize that I have nothing to say NOTHIING TO SAY! ND what abfout


I had---what was it? it was a little something pretty clever arather creative and something work bloggina bout but now I may have lost it

doesnt matter anyway---don't have enough time to develope andything of worth andyhway.


I'm out of time

I neeed to at least sign off with seiomthign mildly worht saying and not just thtis rorschach of a typesmess.



Anyway, crap.

I am Theric.


  1. Oh, so you don't have the beta, do you! That's why it won't let me log in that way.

  2. Reading your post reminded me of all the times I was at the Sandy library. Trying my DARNDEST to make the most of my 30 minute time limit.


    I am Noelle Feather.

    :) tee hee.

    That's what I would have written last year in Sandy. :)

    PS, word verification: baby bald. (bbybld)

  3. I once respected you.


  4. Best blog post ever. I could taste the anxiety (it kind of tasted like salmon actually...).

    I wonder if you could fill a whole book with stuff like that. Writer's pressure stinks.

  5. .

    I could, but who could stand that much?

  6. I am not going to be able to respect you again until you stop using the stupid library internet.

  7. I loved it. It's almost like being in the room with you. But not really. Or with myself. But not really. Where are you now?

  8. .

    Back in the library.