I love diseases


My favorite is the mumps--I'll have to post on why someday--but really, most diseases are quite charming. Take this horrible hacky cough I've had the past month: Hasn't been that big of a deal, not really (except when I'm collapsed on the floor and trying to throw up neither breakfast nor my esophagus), but now that xrays have confirmed that I am not well and the sense of hypochondria has passed, all is fun and dandy today. I'm sick! I may die yet!

And every day is a new opportunity to contract something horrible.

Tomorrow I'm aiming for Lyme Disease. Is that even possible at Tahoe? I'm not sure.

Wish me luck!


  1. Whoa. Pneumonia? Hope life gets less charming fast.

  2. Are you going to Tahoe again? Does that mean it's time for us to visit you again?

  3. Yech. Being sick is absolutely no fun. Good luck not throwing up your esophagus. I hope you get better soon!

  4. I've been struggling with the CRAP for this past week. I've been living off of Emergen C.

    Have you heard of it? If not, you must get it. But, like a dummy, I haven't really been doing anything else. Except sleeping a TON more than I should. I haven't been taking echnicea (I CANNOT spell that word) or vit. C, or drinking my green tea. UGH.

    But, the cough is better, it's now my poor sinuses that are in trouble.

    Have you ever had that thing happen, when you're sick and everything and you laugh or something and the inside of your sinuses rattle? Or buzz?

    It's gross. Creeps me the freak out. I hate it. Period.

  5. .

    Bawb: I don't know what to say to that. Of all the things to wish a person.

    Mr Fob: Yes! Duh!

    JB: And then....ice cream!

    Feather: Since my wife left a day early, I have been eating nothing at all. This is my Lady-Steed-Is-Gone diet. Some people eat Sloppy Joes and Hershey's Chocolate*, I eat nothing. Creeps others the freak out.

    * If I were at Fob right now, this statement would be related to my roll as Straight Guy and made the subject of much laughter. The sickos.

  6. So is it pneumonia, bronchitis, or something else entirely?

    If you really like diseases, I recommend you visit http://giantmicrobes.com and buy some for yourself. I bought some for myself, because they are adorably cute, and because it's nice to have something to throw against the wall when I'm sick (and what better to throw than a plushie representation of the cause of my illness?). I got mine from http://www.thinkgeek.com, though, when they were on sale once.

  7. Remember that one time when I was ill in January and there were like... a gazilloin posts where I was pleading for help?

    And, yeah, what is it that you have, exactly?

  8. Hope you are well soon. My house has just finished a bout with Coxsackie virus - a.k.a. Hand-Foot-Mouth disease. Maybe you can get that next. It's not as life-threatening as pnumonia, but it's still neat fun.

  9. Why not come to Utah and you can get West Nile Virus with the rest of us. It's really easy, one in five mosquitos is infected. Just cover yourself in sugar water at dusk...

    Unless you don't want it.

  10. Yay! Ice cream! I forget where you two live. When you get the chance, please email me (jessica_benet@yahoo.co.uk) and remind me. If you're close to Lunk's grandfolks, we can do a two-fer trip.

    Also, if you two are into dancing, we've got a blogger buddy who's got info on several places in the area (and Lunk's on the google dancers email list). So far, I've heard about waltz, blues, lindy hop, and... salsa(?) dances going on around here.

  11. I vote Jumping Frenchmen of Maine.

  12. So sorry you're sick. Get better now. And where do you live now? I'm trying to catch up.

  13. Because you are one of the few people who know my pain--GUESS WHAT? I passed Subtest 1! Now, it's on to the beast that is Science and Mathematics again. I missed that bad boy by 16 points! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACK!

  14. I never get sick and I rarely eat. Hershey's chocolate is a tool of the devil--only imported European chocolate is real. Sloppy Joe's are gross. So is throwing up your esophagus--but if you don't eat anything, there really isn't anything else for your body to upchuck. Are you sure you don't have mumps?

  15. .

    I've had the mumps, baby, and it's great! Definately my all-time favorite.

    As for what's ailing me, I don't know. It took the doctor three weeks to read my xrays and decide I had fluid on my lungs. What sort of fluid, he didn't say. I'm guessing sourkraut juice because that's the sort of thing that happens to me.

    I've seen the plush microbes before, but Lady Steed has instituted a strict no new toys for Theric policy so that's straight out.

    As for the other diseases suggested, I am certainly tempted. It's like figuring out which book to read next.


    (speaking of, congrats to the feather!)

  16. Hey! We can be friends, then! They never really knew for sure what was up with my lungs, either. Hope you're feeling better.

    I've got to get used to my beta login... gah. Oh well.

  17. So I have this theory--it has to do with my fascination with your tonsil irrigation. Two questions:
    1. Are you still doing it?
    2. When you do it, do you inhale?

    If so, that could account for fluid in the lungs...

    Of course, you'd also be dead...

    And I just have to add (because I have a fascination with word verification, as well), that my WV says: vzykykkhj, which I think is a very apt description of the sound one makes when coughing up an esophagus.

  18. .

    I am, though I often skip mornings. But I have a bigger problem with gagging than inhalation. Both are fun, of course though.