One year ago, I wrote my first posts and now, one year later, I'm almost still at it.

Here's to hoping the Internet joins us in our new home soon.

I'm sick of these half-hour library limits.

Every path to understanding seems to lead through this apparent fact: librarians hate me.

I have been deceived....

(note: this post should not be taken personally by any librarians or librarians-in-training that may happen by. I'm having a lousy day. blogdays often are, I'm told....)


  1. Happy anniversary! :)

    (Are you and Lady Steed close enough to meet up for ice cream some time?)

  2. Happy Blogday to You!

    (ad infinitum)

  3. Happy blogday this week. Happy birthday last.

    Here's to hoping you can get internet action going soon. *cheers*

  4. No offense taken, because it's true. The first thing they'll teach you at any library or library school is that you must hate Th.

  5. Happy belated blogday and birthday and Coast Guard Day and all that.

  6. The first thing they'll teach you at any library or library school is that you must hate Th.

    It's true. (But I'm a bit of a rebel.)

  7. I think libraries hate me, too. At least the Provo Library does. They won't let me get a library card. :p on them.

    Happy blogging anniversary!

  8. .

    Thank you, all.

    JB: Yes! I recommend Fenton's, but it's a markedly longer drive for you than us. Check a map and see what you think.

    TB: Aren't all ads?

    Silly: A big amen to that, sister.

    Mr Fob: I knew it!

    Kirsa: Toot toot!

    Katya: And I can walk to two yarn stores!

    Rachel: That's tellin'em!

  9. I tried to write a song for you, and I got NOTHING! Sorry. Happy Blogday.

    I'm trying -

    Happy Blogday to you
    You're... DARN!
    The phone rang! It was a telemarketer!

    Okay - I'll try again -

    Happy Blogday to you
    You are amazing, it's true
    That's all I got
    I'll do better on two.

  10. Happy Blogday to you
    I like cobalt blue
    and cows that say moo
    I'd say I like Jews
    it might not be true
    I know far too few
    Happy Blogday to you.

  11. .

    I'm making a Natgo / Melyns mix cd as we speak.

  12. Congrats!! A productive and creative year, indeed!!