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061) Amulet: The Cloud Searchers by Kazu Kibuishi, finished October 14
060) Amulet: The Stonekeeper's Curse by Kazu Kibuishi, finished October 13
059) Amulet: The Stonekeeper by Kazu Kibuishi, finished October 10

I've been aware of the Amulet books and their sterling reputation for some time, but never bothered to pick them up. Perhaps because of my ambiguous feeling's toward the author's other work. But a friend lent us the first three books. Lady Steed read them and was underwhelmed, but the Big O read them and loved them. So when Large S asked me to read it to him, I did.

He and Little Lord Steed were utterly and completely raptured by the first book. I had not intended to read more than a few pages, but we read the entire book in one sitting, the little lord's head often between me and the words as he followed the pictures with an intensity I have not often seen.

We've now read the first three books (books four and five are now out as well) and the kids loved them. Me? I think I liked them more than Lady Steed because I read them with the kids. But no question that any skepticism I had about the fantasy was overcome by how fully I was sucked in by the realistic prologue.

Read them with your kids.
under a week


058) Feedback by Robison Wells, finished October 9

MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD --- PROCEED AT OWN RISK --- [or skip to next book]

The night this novel arrived from Amazon, I pulled my copy of Variant off the shelf to reread the last three pages. Heck, that's not enough. How 'bout the last thirty pages. You know what? Those were great. Let's read the twenty pages before those. Now the twenty pages before those!

I may have read the entire book that night if Lady Steed hadn't said something about it being Monday and back-to-work and and it's-2am and turn-off-the-darn-lights or something. That's how propulsive and exciting and awesome the story of Benson's escape from Mayfield Academy is.

And the cliffhanger at the end of Variant is one of the most wrenching I have ever experienced.

Then we go to Feedback, whose first page is essentially Variant's last page.

But the sequel loses the first's intense and unrelenting sense of paranoia. Why? I'm not entirely sure. It's not like the threats suddenly ended.

I realized at the end of chapter twenty-four, when Benson breaks back in to Maxfield Academy, what Feedback is missing.

A sufficiently threatening setting.

The real antagonist of Variant I realize now, was not the bad kids or the exposed androids or the absent adults, but the building itself. Its claustrophobic, towering, locked-down menace. Because when Maxfield Academy reenters the story, the stress hormones reenter my bloodstream.

But sadly, that's about 270 pages into a 310-page book. And so just as the paranoia---the true star of the first book---finally makes its reentrance, the book comes crashing to a close. And while parts of these last forty pages are as exciting as what we saw in Variant, it all flies by just too darn quickly. And then the reveal of the bad guy and the victory over him and The End of the Book are all just too quick and simple and anticlimactic. Not quite a Mac virus in an alien ship, but close.

The book doesn't really end with the world all better--or even the sense that it will become all better. It ends with evidence of how intractably corrupted the world is. And yet the book attempts to end on a upbeat note. And it does most certainly end---it doesn't leave you with the sense that the a further six books of resolution are to come. And while I lauded Wells's choice to write a two-book series (how fresh!), if he really wanted to end it with the second book, I think this grand revelation at the finale is the wrong size and shape and color and smell. It's not an end. It's a beginning. And that means our sense of resolution is pulled away from us.

A parallel problem that intensifies this uncomfortable result is the resolution of the love triangle. I never had any clear grasp why one girl was better than the other (besides the p-o-v's say-so) and so I'm not left with a sense of rightness or completion when these two teenagers get to be together at novel's end. The world's overrun with alien-programmed robots and I'm supposed to get satisfaction because this kid's figured out which cute girl he'd rather kiss? I don't think so.

So in short, I'm disappointed. I still recommend reading both books just to experience the propulsive explosion of paranoia Variant has to offer, but when you start book two, tell yourself the best parts are already past. Then maybe you won't be as disappointed by Feedback as I was.

post script: all the same, I did spend the entire book arguing with myself how to film it
two days


057) Mormons in the Media, 1830-2012 by Jared Farmer, finished October 8

See my thoughts on AMV.
a month max

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