"Maurine Whipple, age 16, takes a train north"


My short story "Maurine Whipple, age 16, takes a train north" is a finalist in Four Centuries of Mormon Stories contest and is up today on the Everyday Mormon Writer website. Read it, do.

When you've finished reading it, hop over to my pal Scott Hales who was asked to host discussion on the story. I'm pleased he was chosen because when I was writing the story, I was afraid I was writing it for him and no one else would like it. I mean---this is pretty geeky MoLit stuff.

But don't let that scare you. I think, next to "The Widower", Lady Steed would say this is my best work.

Hoorah for pleasing the wife!

Anyway. You should go read now.

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    And come back tomorrow when I get to host a story discussion. I'm very excited.