Svithe: YWRock


Our ward's Young Women ran church today, talking about what is it to have faith and how do you know when you have it. It was strikingly absent of saccharine and complex and heartfelt. Quite a joy.

Plus, my favorite seminary song.

One thing I worry about with LDS youth is that we keep them from thinking complex thoughts about religion until they are adults and they are suddenly forced to grapple with religion's complexity. So I was warmed to hear them speak complexly today even while still young.

Nice work, young people.

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  1. thanks! and you made a lot of the YW"s day with your bios. One in particular is going to keep her unicorn-eating dragon for awhile. =)

  2. .

    Excellent. But if she turns it into a blockbuster novel series, I'm comin knockin.