The Doodle Family: Porker

Porker's the wild man at the party, hip with a chat and a laff and a slap on the back. Soon as you see him coming, pump up the volume.

Step six: Roll the Doodle doughballs in a mixture of 1T and 1t of sugar to 1t Bacon Salt.

Of all four Doodle brothers, Porker is unquestionably the favorite of the Big O (age six) and Large S (age three). Our home cookie stash ran out of Porkers before running out of anything else.

It's curious how smoky and savory it can be, yet still be a delicious cookie. While last year's -bacon chocolate-chip cookies were good (and also hugely popular with my kids), I think these are better. Improving my bacon-cookie brand, year by year, I am Theric.

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Porker Doodle
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  1. The fact that Bacon Salt is kosher seems borderline offensive. But I do love my MSG. MMM.

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    Offensive to you or to Jews?

  3. I've gotta try some of your bacon-related cookie products sometime. I'm really curious.

  4. oh boy.

    My vegetarian husband would love that--one more thing I bring home that he won't eat :)

    That vegetarian bacon salt stuff is actually (I'm ashamed to admit) rather appealing to me. You know. Vegetarian cook, meat loving self...

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    It's pretty delicious. I just realized I didn't link to their website, so I'm going back to repair that now.

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    [Edit: Added that link.]

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    I think maybe next family time I'll bring ingredients and we can make up some Doodles.

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    [Edit: Fiddles with the images a bit.]

  9. Seriously? Yum! I'm totally trying this this weekend!

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    Let us know! Here's who sells it.

  11. To Jews. I wonder how they got a rabbi to sign off on it.