The Doodle Family: Pucker

Pucker Doodle is the shyest of the Doodle boys, but he knows what he likes. If you know what I mean.

Step six: Roll the Doodle doughballs in a mixture of 1T sugar to 1t amchoor powder. But before you start mixing, fiddle with that mixture to taste. For every 2 or 3ts of amchoor, add one more t. And every 3 or 3Ts of sugar, throw in a t of sour salt (crystallized citric acid).

The amchoor makes it sour and fruity but the citric acid adds punch. A number of people told me eating Puckers was like eating Sour Patch Kids (buy ten pounds! why not!) which, as an old fan, I found quite the compliment.

I've received more positive comments on Puckers than any other of the Doodle brothers and Pucker is my personal favorite of the new flavors as well. In my opinion, it's the most addictive. Which is good, right? I think?

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