The Doodle Family: Skorcher

Skorcher's a dangerous fellow. He's been known to make people grasp their throats, he's made little girls scream in pain and fright. But: he's totally charming.

Step six: Roll the Doodle doughballs in a mixture of 1T sugar to 1t cayenne. This is easily scaled of course, for every T add a t, upwards or downwards.

One thing worth adding though is that Lady Steed and I have the some incredibly hot cayenne. As you read above, cayenne's supposed to top out at 50,000 scovilles but that's were Tabasco tops out and these cookies were hotter than any Tabasco I've ever used. 

If I make Skorchers again (and I might because they did taste good) I plan to double the sugar. Right now, only masochists such as myself are capable of enjoying these cookies.

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Skorcher Doodle
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    I brought some leftovers to share with the Comic Book Club today (I'm their faculty sponsor and today's meeting day) and, yes, they were appreciated.

  2. Wow! Baby A can throw a ball that well? You've got a house full of athletes! Dean wasn't interested in balls until a few months ago! And I honestly think he's only interested because of Wii sports!

    I can't wait for the rest of the doodle fam.

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