Jeff Needle (!) reviews The Fob Bible


He doesn't like my Balaam play, but otherwise he likes it a lot. Some choice quotes:

    Part Bible, part midrash, part send-up . . . .

    But make no mistake, by and large, this book is a delight from beginning to end. There are smiles and smirks, but there are also deeply insightful ponderings on things previously considered too holy to study too closely.

    . . . . breathing new life into the biblical canon can be a wonderful exercise in creative devotion.

    There’s something for everyone here: poetry, prose, play-writing, and even some e-mails (it’s not clear from my reading of the Bible that the patriarchs and prophets had access to the Internet, though this would explain quite a bit...). There’s pity and pathos, humor and hubris, given the imprimatur of a committee of very smart Saints, bound nicely between paper covers, and released into the wilds of Mormondom.

The Fob Bible

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