The Fob Bible ineligible for a Whitney


I figured this would happen at some point, but I received this today from Robison Wells, president of the Whitney Awards Committee:

    Hey [Thmazing],

    I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but...

    The FOB Bible isn't actually eligible for the Whitneys, as it's not a novel. The list on LDS Publisher isn't an official list, since she's not officially connected with the Whitneys. The confusion is our mistake--we should have it made it more clear on the Whitney site that our link to her list didn't mean her list was official. (She's now put up a disclaimer on her list, and we'll be changing our link.)

    Sorry. Everything I've heard about the FOB Bible is great. But, we've decided to be pretty strict that the Whitneys are only for novels (mainly because I don't think we could properly handle much more than that).



Way too not surprising to be disappointing, but there you go folks.

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