The backstory to Thursday's Motley Vision interview with Bryan Mark Taylor


I first starting brainstorming this interview back in March 2009 and those notes formed the basis for the interview that will appear Thursday on A Motley Vision.

But then, like so many other interviews I start, I never quite got around to actually asking for the interview.

Come December.

Our stake's singles ward has a tradition of holding an auction to raise money to buy presents for disadvantaged kids in the stake. We had never been before, but felt obliged to make an appearance this year.

I, in a fit of dangerous genius, thought that if I offered an interview at AMV for auction, Bryan Mark Taylor, artist, would be sure to buy it.

And, after outbidding another interested party, he did.

So the poor kids got new Tonkas and I was now obliged to follow through on my nine-month-old good intentions.

(Of course, I'm intensely lucky things worked out this way. I can very well seeing the proprietor of AMV executing me over this had some schmuck made the purchase.)

Incidentally, at the same auction, Bryan put a small painting up for auction and after the fiercest bidding war of the night it went for hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of dollars. Nine hundreds, if I recall correctly. Anyway, heckuvalot for a recession year, if you ask me.

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  1. Executions are took quick and (relatively speaking) pain-free.