Four pictographicalized offerings


1. My short story "The Avon Lady" with its new Gaimanesque frame has been accepted into the anthology Pandora's Nightmare: Horror Unleashed. Here's the preliminary artwork for the cover:

Pandora's Nightmare

2. The Fob Bible may be ineligible for a Whitney, but it did get this:

LDS Publisher Cover Awards

3. I'm slow reading the new issue of Irreantum, but I am making progress. Just finished the Terryl L. Givens essay and though short (I'll have to buy his book), it was still thought-provoking and insightful.

New Irreantum

4. Stop scaring my baby!

Little Lord Steed, startled


  1. Well of course placing black tape over a baby's eyes is going to scare it.

  2. He doesn't look scared. He looks mad that The FOB Bible isn't eligible for a Whitney...

  3. .

    I think you're right.

    David, however, is wrong.

  4. You missed a bit of the babbie's eyes. The government'll be onto him now.

  5. OK, I've just one question - no, two. When will Pandora's Nightmare: Horror Unleashed be published? And, who is the publisher?

  6. .

    May 2010.

    Pill Hill Press.