Post #1181 in which I promote myself


1. Buy The Fob Bible!

2. Follow me on Twitter!

3. Read my Motley Vision posts!

4. Buy a tshirt!

5. Play the Preseason Oscar Game!

6. Read Fobcomics!

7. Check out The Weekly Svithe!

8. Read Eating Solano!

9. Perform thplays!

10. Watch some thvlogs!

11. Mourn Peace Love & Gingerbread!

12. Read old columns!

13. Thmuse randomly!

14. Copy my reading habits!

That seems like enough.


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  2. I would totally buy and wear a t-shirt that had a three inch white bar with little leapy-dancey-twirly figures, an orange line and the words 'Welcome to Thutopia' on it. Just saying.

    Big O's design is fun.

  3. .

    I haven't made a new tshirt in a long time. I'll get on that.

    [Edit: I went ahead and fixed the t to a y.]

  4. I already have a t-shirt. I accidentally stole it from Myke. Don't tell on me. Oh, and I'm trying to copy your reading habits. You are my one and and only inspiration for this reading binge I'm on.

  5. P.S.
    My t-shirt says "I Fear Thmazing."
    It's fantastic.

  6. .

    I think it's a one-of-a-kind, actually. You should post a photo!

    Also, I need to read some Willa Cather. She's one of those authors I feel a little guilty about everytime her name comes up. And your about the billionth person to recommend Oscar Wao. I'm starting to think there might just be something to that book.....