The Great Remark


I find it impossible to predict which bonmots my students will be impressed by. I say snide offhanded things all the time, but once or twice a year I will say something that will get such a large reaction that the entire class will be thrown into an uproar as they all tell the kid I was talking to that I sure got him that time. But I can't see a difference between one remark and the other --- at least, why one remark should be so clearly superior in their minds.

Here's today's example.

Boy, 17, knocks the ice-tea bottle of girl, 15, off her purse and onto the floor. I tell him to pick it up.

Boy: She called me a bitch!

Me. And then you proved her right.

I mean really. That's all it takes?


  1. I can tell you that one just got laughter and applause here at our house. Well done.

  2. .

    I wish I could crack the mystery of what exactly makes it good. Then I could get a job in television!

  3. Yup. That's all it takes. Straight to the point, and not so clever it will fly right over his head.

    You must be almost ready for that YM President calling that's awaiting you...good luck...

  4. And also, you just called him a bitch- that's what the kids like

  5. One of your funniest posts in a long time. HAHA!!!

    I agree with samantha and cricket. I'm sure some of your remarks go over their heads. This is right on point and not one person will miss the message! I bet it made him think twice. boo-ya!

  6. No, really: that was sublime.