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We're down to one month in Preseason Oscar Game play. And participation, which I, in my optimism, expected to be up this year, is down. Very down. I mean, in other words, so far it's just me. That's it.

So.... Maybe I won't have to give out a prize this year after all.

But I don't want that to happen. So please consider the movies (you already know more than I did, like, for instance, Amelia is apparently really really boring --- so use that) and put together your entry.

Oscar Madness


  1. I was later than last year but I've been busy with other things. In any case, it's been posted - my predictions are still limited.

  2. I see too few films to participate properly.

  3. .

    I've seen three movies this year, which is more than normal.

    Not seeing the movies is part of the point. That's why we have this game in October.