100% Fun

100% Fun

So I've been checking out cds from the library--albums I own on tape--so I can rip them. And no, I don't feel bad about it. No one would whine if I was switching formats, cd to mp3, so why tape to mp3?

Anyway, not all the albums are as great as they where back in '94 or '95. But today I checked out Matthew Sweet's 100% Fun and baby it holds up. Every song is still awesome.

So in honor of my reuniting with this album I've already listened to approximately 1.5 billion times (although not really in over ten years, alas), I've set you up with clips to play while you take the Matthew Sweet Lyrical Challenge. Each line comes either from 100% Fun, John Donne's Holy Sonnets, or one of my posted plays. No fair peeking!

(Note: I used a random-number generator to arrange the questions. To eliminate blogger bias, you see.)

    To poor me is allow'd
    No ease; for long, yet vehement grief hath been
    Th' effect and cause, the punishment and sin.

    A distant splash.
    A pause.
    Splashing, as of a large creature foundering.

    And gluttonous Death will instantly unjoint
    My body and soul, and I shall sleep a space

    I am a little world made cunningly
    Of elements, and an angelic sprite

    We sail all day
    We row all night
    We sweat our blood
    to make things right
    Masculine tears
    course into the sea
    But masculine fears?
    On, none have we!

    There’s a smog moon coming I can always feel it
    The cartoon trees cannot conceal it

    the sky is gray,
    the fields post-harvest,
    a few rocks;
    Harvey sits on one

    Thinking looks good but I don’t like the taste
    A mind is a terrible thing to waste

    I’ll take or leave
    The room to breathe
    The choice to leave you
    I’ll throw away
    A chance at greatness
    Just to make this
    Dream come into play

Please put your numbers into the comments. Good luck! (And, if you cheat, have the decency to admit it. Thanks. You bastard.)

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