Since both candidates are all about change and not having an ideologically pure cabinet, I'm going to make a couple excellent suggestions to both with a sample link as to why.

Secretary of Education: Robert P. Moses
    Algebra as civil right!

Secretary of Defense: Montgomery McFate
    Anthropology as "weapon"!


  1. Jorgensen: Eros has a place, many places, in Mormon writing. Which is not at all to say, or even to suppose, that erotic writing might cure our sickness.

    Just to clarify, Jorgensen did not say erotic writing would cure anything --- he wasn't even clear that we have anything to be cured from. If this idea needs more expression I assign it to . . . MoJo. It's all yours.

    Not sure I can do that article justice. I mean, I've come to the point where I'm not even going to try to classify what I write in terms of erotica or not, because the sex isn't the story. It's part of it, and it's graphic, but it's not the whole story.

    Too, as I've said, I come from the genre romance side of things where what I write is hot, but not out of the ordinary and certainly wouldn't be considered erotica or even "romantica."

    I do like the "shockingly appropriate" tag. That sounds about right for me, if we're defining that in LDS terms.

    I write what I want to write, sex, language, everything, but it has to be COHESIVE with who these people are.

    And unlike Eugene, who makes no judgments on his characters' choices (and I LIKED that, don't get me wrong), I make judgments on the appropriateness of my characters' behavior.

    Nevertheless, while Eugene's novel was readable by LDSs (if deemed inappropriate by some reviewers), mine will not be and I know that.

    As for being cured from something... Hmmm. I think what we need to be cured from is this hedge mentality, that the world is SO bad beyond the hedges that protect us that we must actually stay 3 feet from the hedge itself so as not to be tainted.

    I keep thinking about a comment I heard in Relief Society some time last year:

    "I can't even call it a coffee table. It's a hot chocolate table."

    Yes, and I cover the legs on my furniture, too, because it's just too arousing for some people.