Meat is murder

Organic Hitler Tofu.

Many people decide to become vegetarians because they find the killing of animals for food to be cruel, inhumane, immoral. Lots of people feel this way--people like Adolf Hitler.

Wait. Hitler? Hitler.

Hitler thought that killing and eating animals was immoral.


Adolf Hitler.

Let me say it again, in case you missed it: Adolf Hitler was a vegetarian. Because he thought killing animals for food was wrong.

(Yes, that Adolf Hitler.)

A vegetarian.

Couldn't have lived with himself if a sheep had died because of him.

Adolf. Hitler.

Didn't eat meat.



Just plain wrong--

--to kill animals for food.

You shouldn't do it.

Der F├╝hrer wouldn't.

What an ethical man.


  1. Almost not worth commenting on... but bad people occasionally make good choices. If he really was a vegetarian, it does not invalidate the wisdom and health benefits of a vegetarian lifestyle.

  2. .

    I didn't say anything bad about vegetarians--just commenting on an irony.

    Texans on the other hand.....

  3. A vegetarian in Texas10/02/2007 4:44 AM

    Yes, I am unfortunate in that respect...

  4. I think he was opposed to circumcision too. I may be wrong, but I believe it was he who coined the term "Foreskin Holocaust."

  5. for some reason this doesn't surprise me...

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    I know just the person to get that for!

  7. That Hitler guy--I dunno; I will NEVER understand him.
    Not that I really WANT to, mind you; it's just that--I dunno.
    Did you know that, as a young man, he was popular with the children of his hometown, who affectionately called him "Uncle Adolf"? It's a fact. When he was younger still, he used to protect the rats that found their way into his room and slip them leftover bits of food--I guess, then, vegetarianism isn't too much of a stretch from that. Whereas many good folks have dark secrets and guilty pleasures, he seems to have been a truly horrible man with some--euh--UNguilty pleasures. Or whatever.

    Okay. I'll shut up now.