The Final Svithe of October 2007


The Big O's gave his first talk in Primary today, and it turned out much better than the first time he presented there. This is the original audio, recreated with actors.



  1. That was EXCELLENT! I'm so sad I missed it!

  2. Cute, once I started actually understanding what he was saying. :)

    Missionaries in China? Didn't think we had any. Learn something new every day.

  3. I like what his prophets pictures are. What about the missionaries? I don't know about the missionaries can you send me an email about it? Will you read it in bed or when I'm in bed? I didn't hear about the missionaries.

  4. Yeah! I am very impressed with how brave he has become. In Sac. meeting he seemed so excited to talk in front. Glad he still was for this one, too. I can't tell who looks younger, the kid holding the pictures or the missionsry in them!

  5. Is he adorable or what!? I was soooo impressed. I especially love the whole pre-talk comments. Thanks for sharing.