The Infinite Svithe


I had a circumcised-of-heart svithe I've been composing in my head because it's apropos, but I've rethought the wisdom of that, and Recession Cone gave me an idea at Church today that I'm going to appropriate instead.


    What do I need a Savior for? I'm getting better in this life. I've improved. I'm more that what I started out as, with fewer faults and weaknesses. What need Christ?


    Okay, go with me here. Step one: we're looking at reaching perfection. Let's give perfection a number and see how close we can get in this life.

    Okay. I've been working hard. I got a six.

    Wow! You've got six hundred! Awesome.

    Freaking Ghandi broke a billion.

    Now let's do the math and divide our number by perfection:

    anything over infinity is zero

    Looks like we're all going to need some help. See?

last week's svithe

note: even worse, I made this equations in mspaint!!!!

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    I think I'll blame MSPaint on my grammar as well....