Check out what I caught last weekend!



So I finally succeeded this weekend and bagged me a leviathan. This is a photo I got of it before I started shooting. Anyway, the point is, it's more meat than we need--or will fit in our freezer. If anyone wants some, just leave a comment and I'll hire a refrigerated boxcar to get it to you.

Also: Got any good recipes?



  1. 1.) Is it stringy?
    2.) How hard is it to get the bones out?
    3.) Do you take American Express?

  2. Nothing like some tasty leviathan for dinner. I'd probably cook it the same way I cook most fishy things--broiled with butter and herbs, with a cold sauce of some sort to top it with after it comes out of the oven (green sauce, salsa, fruit salsa), quite nice with some pasta or rice. Or you could preserve some of it in salt, and substitute it for any of those salty fish British dishes.