Coming to America


Visitors to this great land of ours really need to know how to handle themselves in certain everyday, quintessentially American situations. The problem, of course, is that they may not know the correct vocabulary to employ in such situations.

I don't know about you, but I have often fretted on behalf of, for instance, young Japanese women who haven't enough time for both toning up their bods and their English before coming here on vacation.

Thankfully, they no longer have to make that choice:


  1. Doesn't anyone speak the other language? I want more subtitles...this has mini-series written all over it...

  2. Matt's shown me this one before. It's classic. It makes me hope that it is a spoof and not a real instructional video, but for some reason it seems like it could be real.

    You gotta love the robber with the handkerchief on the top of his head tied under his nose. Not to mention the ladies chanting these frightening sayings while sporting huge smiles and slightly aerobic moves.

  3. you stole it! stealer!
    ok, maybe not

    all I have to say is that these videos (yes there are more) have really added something special to my workout routine.

  4. You know, it really makes me wish that I'd kept up on my Japanese. Then maybe I'd understand the parts that don't have subtitles.

    Erm... Ok, that was awkward.

  5. we laughed. and then we laughed some more. And then we said, "I was rrrrobbed by TWO men" for the rest of the evening.


  6. .

    My pleasure.

    Every line in that is, I believe, now in our repertoire as well.

  7. My two year old has been repeating these phrases for the past week. She'll just be in her room playing and I'll hear, "spare me my wife," coming out of the room. It's pretty durn funny.