Chambers of Oz


Last Christmas my brother Reb and I met at our parents' house with our respective families in tow. We all had a good time. That was the heartwarming, family-oriented portion of this post, folks. Get your buzz, then read on.

Reb had brought a mix cd of Kasey Chambers he had burned for his own (more-or-less constant) listening pleasure. But don't worry: one of Reb's greatest virtues is superpar taste in music and Ms Chambers is no exception.

Reb loves telling her life story, but that's not what I'm about tonight. The issue in question is how this Aussie chick is one of the best things going in modern country music. How can Oz out-America us in this artform we Americans see as purely American (whether we like it or not)?

Kasey Chambers - OzianThis isn't like Italians playing crappy football americano--this is country music, darn it! And this chick from the Outback is better than anything on our American country radio stations, IMHO.

Not that American country is bankrupt--there are some promising trends--I'm just not that impressed with the radio. If you need hope, check out Miller Tells Her Tale (and, um, ignore the fact that the host is British). And, of course, as long as we have Emmylou Harris we will be spared. Abraham didn't have to stop at ten--if he had said, Peradventure Emmylou Harris shall be found there," I'm sure God would have replied, "I will not destroy it for Emmylou Harris’s sake."

Bad luck for Abraham that Emmylou Harris wasn't born yet.

Anyway, so it was Christmas time and I'm happy to finally be hearing this denizen of Oz that I've heard so much about and so Reb burns me a copy of his mix.

I was listening to it today and while sure, there's only one banjo song, it's terrific stuff. I really like it. In fact, you should go over to Pandora right now and start yourself a Kasey Chambers station.

Or, you know, get a moral degenerate to burn a cd for you.

Love you, Reb!


  1. That scriptural reference almost makes me want to listen to country music. Almost.

  2. As I lived in a small (very small) town growing up, I was exposed to a lot of bad country music. I still go through periods where I listen to the cheese-tastic crap on the radio, but I definitely prefer the likes of Emmylou, Gillian Welch, Lucinda Williams, Whiskeytown, Son Volt, Willie Nelson, etc... Good thing my dad was around to instill good taste...

    I think everyone should like at least one good country song.

  3. .

    I don't know Son Volt, but I'll vouch for the rest of them.

  4. May be if I looked at your blog once in a while (instead of only when I am looking for bloody chicken gore) I would know you are talking about me.

    Glad you like Kasey, she is still my favorite, although I would not put her album "Carnival" in the country section.