Speaking of classic style....


It has been awhile since I rearranged things at the Thtore and so some shaking up was overdue. Now, as you all know, all products available at the Thtore are available for a limited time only and thus it is that our much loved Class Hijinks shirt is no longer available to the public. We didn't sell many copies of that one, but that lucky soul who did buy it is sitting on quite the fashionable investment.

Yes, Class Hijinks has gone the way of I fear Thmazing. Speaking of I fear Thmazing, check out this unsolicited testimonial from a drop of toad spit:
    Hey.. just wanted to let you know... I was in the store a couple days ago, and the cashier leaned over and said “cool shirt.” I was wearing your “I fear th’mazing” shirt. I am now one step closer to owning Idaho.
Now, maybe you yourself are not that interested in owning Idaho, per se, but shirts from the Thtore can help anyone dominate anywhere. Me, I'm just glad I wasn't in business back in '43. I shudder to think what may have happened had Hitler been wearing a Dumptruck! tshirt. All that blood on my hands.....

Anyway, on to happier thoughts! The Thtore announces five new designs! Behold!

Th'kankinTh'kankinThe Th'kankin design is for all th'kankers our there. You know who you are and you know you've been wondering why I haven't provided you with th'kankin apparel. Wonder no more. It is here. Click on the appropriate shirt and arrive at the appropriate page.

This shirt is in poor tasteAs has been explained before, a good tshirt is ironic. And what could be more ironic that claiming that anything associated with Theric could be in poor taste? Ah ha ha ha ha!

Theric is my HomeboyI don't really understand these homeboy shirts, but they seem to be all the rage....

Thenjoy!Thenjoy!One great American tradition is ripping off the big boys. But since I never use the product I'm ripping off here, I have a hard time feeling bad. Call it free advertising for all the times I've never given your product a fair shake, boys.

I ♥ Curses OlaiI ♥ Curses OlaiI ♥ Curses OlaiThis is not actually a blog shirt at all. This is a pilot shirt for a future store when promotion of my book Byuck: A Novel goes into full swing. I'm still working with my editor to improve its already demonstrable excellence and so in the meantime, Early Cultural Adopters (eg, the Cutting Edge) can demonstrate their savvy with this shirt.

This shirt was actually inspired by our good friend Mel (although she should not thus feel an obligation) and I will not be explaining it to people who don't understand it because that would take away the well earned sense of superiority possessed by those who do understand.

Don't feel bad.

Just buy Byuck as soon as it becomes available.

And in the meantime, become a Thashionista.

There's never been a better time.


  1. Simply thmazing. I especially like the last shirt and the choice of color.

  2. Not only do I feel superior because I know, but when I saw that shirt, I thought "Man, I have to get one of those!" even before you confirmed that everything is about me. Thank you.

  3. .

    You're welcome.

    I have a joke about breasts but it's not appropriate. And you could probably come up with a better one yourself.

  4. Pity they never have my size- I might've bought one.

  5. .


    I will be poor forever!

  6. It's sad really, because I was seriously thinking of getting a Th'kanking shirt.

  7. .

    I will send Cafepress a missive insisting they get flipper-friendly shirts immediately.