Thoughts on She-Hulk (and no, I have not done my research)


We just watched the first two episodes of She-Hulk and what I feel like saying would be quite the series of tweets, so a post of some kind makes more sense. But, in short, I’m on team bad-cgi.

Like a lot of pointless pop-culture brouhahas, I was perfectly happy not to form my own opinion. Some people said the cgi was bad. Other people said the first people were sexist. And some of them probably are, based on what I also heard about the “woke dialogue.”

But the thing is: the cgi is bad. It is!

And this is not a comment, as Disney PR would have it, me being dismissive of certain body types (excellent defelction, Disney PR! way to put me on the defensive!). The cgi just ain’t good.

Jennifer Walters’s rendering is not good. Bruce Banner’s is better (probably because they’re lifting it from the movie?) but it hardly matters because the animation for both charactersn is first-Shrek level. When He- and She-Hulk rumble in the jungle, they genuinely look like Shrek and Fiona jumping around. It’s embarrassing. And so out of place given the wit in the writing and performances.

As mentioned above, I have not done my research, but the tweet that blamed this on non-unionized animators seems like a pretty occam way to explain the failures here. Just pay your animators enough to care! Give them the time to do their jobs!

Not that anyone should be surprised if Disney is shafting people. I mean—it’s been two years and nothing’s changed here, after all.

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