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Change in philosophy required?

When I started doing Svithetaculars six years ago, good luck finding anywhere else online with minute-by-minute recaps of What Was Said at General Conference. Today, the market is flooding, starting with the Twitter Stake in real time. (도: BCC)

So, fair question, is there any point in continuing the Svithetacular tradition?

On the one hand, it provides motivation to me, to watch and to note-take. But if what I am doing is redundant, that motivation lessens.

And so I feel like I'm overdue for a new tradition. Perhaps, instead of notes, some kind of synthesis.

I could compile my tweets and make a Svithetacular, or not. Anyone who sees this in the next couple days, I welcome your advice.


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  1. I think I would prefer some kind of synthesis; I want to discuss some things from the talks, but usually afterwards. I find the real-time discussions overwhelming and generally skim them or just ignore them.