On marrying fourteen-year-olds


So I just found this table on accident the other day in a 1956 almanac of facts and, believe it or not, it's wildly apropos. Why?

Because in my new project I want to marry off a fourteen-year-old during the 1910s or 1920s but I wasn't 100% sure that was too common at the time, fourteen-year-old marrying and everything, and I don't want the man to be a creep.*

But if a 1956 almanac considers the marrying age to start at fourteen, I should be fine.* Can you even imagine such a stat today? I imagine the equivalent would be eighteen years and over.

Anyway. This will probably be the only time in my life I'm happy fourteen-year-olds are getting married.* We should totally celebrate.*

*Wait. Am I still failing on the noncreepy thing?


  1. In 1956??

    Wow. It isn't strange to me it was once the norm, but it is strange to me that it was the norm so recently. I mean, our parents were alive then--Dad turned 14 less than a decade later. When do you suppose the norm go pushed back to adulthood?

    People were allowed to get married before they were allowed to vote? I know the two are totally unrelated, but it surprises me anyway.

  2. .

    I know. I wasn't sure about 1910, so 1956 was a surprise.