Scattered Svithetacular 181.5


So today I will not be doing a good job of note-taking. Of course, with the advent of new social media, I'm not convinced the Svithetacular fills much of a need anymore, but whether it does or not, I'll still be leaving to go bring some people in from the plains. So I figure I've got a good excuse.

I may not, however, have a good excuse for sleeping in.

Special thanks to Lady Steed who is taking some notes while I'm gone.



Elder Richard D Scott (12)


Sister Barbara Thompson (RS2)

She used to be in college.

Sound practical advice re personal revelation: what it is, how to get it, how to recognize it.

"I didn't keep a testimony during those times --- a testimony kept me."

Elder L. Whitney Clayton (70)

exciting things in Chile, Babylon

(Theric has left to give service to a sister in our ward, so I , Lady Steed, will try to take some notes, but will be often interrupted by Baby A)

President Monson

Is making the audience laugh. He is announcing new temples. 2 temples in Provo! Audible gasps from the audience. Wow! The Provo temple is the busiest in the church, so another is needed to accommodate all the members there that want to attend the temple. Many other temples, Star Valley Wyoming (he's going to dedicate that one, good fishing up there) and Paris, France! Very exciting.

Boyd K Packer
Young crows, Old Crows. You young people are being raised in enemy territory. Loosening of morals in our society. Satan is abroad in the land. Despite his temptations, you need not fail or fear. Packer was in High School when WWII started. Today there are wars and rumors of wars and the whole earth is in commotion. I want to counsel and teach you and give you a warning of what to do and what not to do: The Family is the center of the Lord's plan. In the pre-mortal existence all were created in HIS image, gender is essential and was established in pre-mortal existence. Procreation ONLY in marriage. Many of the temptations you face have to do with your bodies. All beings that have bodies have powers over those who do not--all with body have power over the adversary.
By the time Packer graduated high school, many had gone off to the war never to return. Packer joined Air Force. Testimony was not strong. But I knew my seminary teachers had strong one, I will lean on theirs until I gain my own. Patriarchal Blessing: he got one from a patriarch he had never seen before and received great instruction. Studied the BoM. Single greatest thing learned: the voice of the Spirit comes as a feeling and not as a sound. The gift of the Holy Ghost will guide and protect you and even correct your actions. A spiritual voice that will come into your mind and your heart as a feeling. A major mistake will be preceded by a prompting by the Holy Ghost to not make that mistake.


Encourage the you people to please heed the counsel from Pres Packer.

We are blessed to live in a time when there are prophets and apostles to lead, guide and instruct us.

Let me reference to another great prophet: Moses. One of the greatest the world has ever known. Moses spoke to God face to face. God showed Moses the' workmanship of His hands' then Moses fell to the earth for many hours. And the he realized "Man is nothing" something which had never occurred to him while living in pharaoh's court.

Awe at flying in the night and seeing the stars. The greatness of GOD and our own nothingness. But the worth of souls is great in the sight of God. But what is man in comparison to the glory of creation. But God has said that HE created this universe for us, for man. All of it was built for the benefit for ordinary mortals, that we might reach our potential as HIS sons and daughters. We are everything to GOD. We have the promise of exaltation , worlds without end in our grasp. and it is Gods desire for us to gain that promise.

Satan tells men things to make them think that they are set apart from all other men. To make them prideful.

Disciples of Christ know that your true value has little to do with what the world esteems.

Satan deceives through discouragement. He tells us that we are too small, that we are forgotten, especially by God.

Man may be nothing in comparison to the universe, but remember you matter to HIM. God loves the humble and meek, they are greatest in Heaven. The Lord trusted His gospel to be proclaimed by the weak of the world. No matter where you live or how humble your circumstances or limited your abilities or how little your calling my appear to you, you are not invisible to your Heavenly Father, He loves you and knows your heart and your acts of kindness. Please understand that what you see now is not, nor forever will be, you will not feel sorrow, loneliness, discouragement forever. Incline their hearts to Him. If you but hold on and believe in Him and remain faithful, one day you will experience the promise revealed to prophet Paul. The most powerful being in universe is the father of your spirit. He loves you,Hhe knows you. He sees you as his child. He sees you as the being you are designed and capable to become. He wants you to know that you matter to him. May we align our lives so that we may understand our potential.


Elder Bednar (12)

Shoutout to Malachi. (I sense a talk on . . . temple work?)

(ugh --- sorry, I seem to be having stomach issues.....)

Hey! Texting and tweeting for not just fun but proselyting? What?

Invite the young to experiment and learn for themselves. Not just good advice. Necessary advice.

I like his optimism, trying to get them kids doing family history.

I like any story that gets kids doing actual work. Give youth meaningful work/callings. Give them a chance.

Of course, any kid that says "muster" you have to wonder about.

Elder Anderson (12)

Pretty sure that was a Don Williams quote: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V0AfwJhIkRg.

Lady Steed wants to know if he's asking us to have more kids.

In telling story about meeting spontaneously with Elder Kimball, Elder Anderson reminds you he won't be quote so easy to meet with.

Ian Arden (7)

We must be sure that being busy also equates to being productive.

Our greatest happiness comes as we tune into the Lord.

Carl Cook (70)

Is a litterer.

LeGrand R. Curtis, Jr.

Has quite the name.

Lady Steed says I am not following counsel, what with paying more attention to the #TwitterStake than #ldsconf. She may have a point.

Price having been paid by the redeemer is good news for all of us.

Want to get baptized to be cleansed from that terrible sin I've been doing, yo.

D Todd Christoffersen (12)


the choice to repent is a choice to burn bridges in every direction (except for the one, I guess)

(baby diaper time)

Elder Perry (12)

Another shoutout for the ole Internet.

truth distortion does exist as a minority, but most are fairminded people who are curious

John: There is no fear in love, but love casteth out fear.

Do not hesitate do add your voice to these conversations.



Elder Eyring (FP)

Forgive me if I'm a bit hazy today. I'm now ill.

I think the main thrust is about the exemplars from the Book of Mormon

A story about speaking at a university that warned him not to talk about Jesus

Finding a clever work around

Then: thinking of Abinidi

The Book of Mormon provides plenty of ways to bring truth into practical practice

Elder Hales (12)

clearly not healthy

life is a series of tests and trials and such that lead to growth and development and betterment

all these things shall be for our experience and good

oh god where are though

yes, when a spouse dies a companion may wonder (plus other examples of unpleasantness)

he seems to be speaking from a place of person suffering

let us be kind to each other and even kinder to ourselves

in my Gethsemene and yours we are not alone --- he who watches over us does not sleep

Tad R Callister (70)

the Book of Mormon allows no middle ground

the Book of Mormon makes the Bible clear

Sister Dalton (YW)

how do you raise a child? with your example

practice virtue and holiness with eliminating everything that ain't

then shall your confidence wax strong in the presence of God

i love the challenge of trying to follow his every footstep

Russell Ballard (12)

discourse on the name of the church

each word is clarifying and indefensible

Pr Monson (FP)

His main theme, both in speaking himself and when being quoted, is how far our morality has slipped.

WSJ article cited h/t @bycommonconsent

it is essential that we reject anything that does not perform to our standards

whatsoever you shall ask of me in Jesus's name that is right, believing that ye shall receive, ye'll get it, yo

$5 & Prayer

(two days in a row I've heard a Monson story I hadn't before)

Here's come another new story! Incredible!

A story about surprising inspiration.

And a speeder.


Elder Nelson (12)

Back to the USSR!

Covenants (legal)

Abrahamic covenant not to be fully fulfilled until the latter days

...if we seek out the Lord and obey his commandments

eternal marriage is the covenant of exaltation

greatest compliment is You Are a Covenant-Keeper

Elder Oaks (1@)

What think ye of Christ?

we should start by considering what Jesus said of himself

eg, the only begotten son

through him we will all live again

not everyone who says lord lord will get into heaven

those things which do not sustain eternal life

"Jesus Christ is the only begotten and beloved son of God"

Matthew Richardson (SS)

REAL missionaries

REREAD re:teaching

REAL hikers

teachers teach PEOPLE not lessons

real teaching is much more than just talking and telling

they pause to listen, observe, and to learn what to do next

plus, natch, the HOLY GHOST, yall

Elder Yamashita (70)

conversion story

the type of face we carry and display

a blessing

now, to talk to future missionaries

Randall Bennett (70)

you can't make eternal decisions without eternal consequences (good or ill)

are we CHOOSING eternal life?

(every choice is a choice for accompanying consequences)

his granddaughter is going to be a very successful attorney

we must be self-disciplined enough to make early course corrections

J. Devin Cornish (7)

A nickle?!?!

Hitting up God for a quarter.

what about tithing on this quarter?

things that are important to us are important to God (like any good father)

it is contrary to the economy of heaven for god to do for us what we can do for ourselves

Elder Q Cook


"the evil exercise of agency"

(feed problems)

bear one another's burdens

great blessings come to those who are faithful

the wicked will be held accountable

i need to pay better attention

not enough lightbulbs (part of why the Titanic sunk)

dying with your music still inside you

Pr Monson (FTW)

we are all important in furthering the work of the lord

as they pray for us, let us pray for them

May God give us the strength and the ability and the determination to play our part well.

last week's svithe

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