1500 Posts (a svithe)


Including the 29 drafts awaiting completion, I am currently writing my 1501st thmusing. This is quite a large number. It's been over two years since post 1000, so somehow, even though I feel my pace has dropped tremendously, I've written roughly 500 posts in roughly the same time the first 500s were completed. Which amazes me since most of my silly little things now go to Thwitter or Thumblr. Both of those sites also see a lot more traffic than this one as well.

I haven't done a survey, but I suspect that this blog has become, in large part, a series of book reviews with svithes for leaven. Not sure how, mm, commercial that is.

Just before I started blogging, I hated blogs. I hated how they were cluttering up search results, for instance. Then NPR convinced me to start one of my own. And I grew to love it. No social media will ever, I think, consume me as blogging did once I finally dove in.

But the blog heyday has passed and new things take our time and clutter our search results. Blogs, in many respects, seem dead. Instead of posting five or so times every week for the rest of my life as I once imagined, I use it to track a thing here and a thing there. Ideas too long for Twitter or too controversial for Facebook. But if I have something Important to say, I'll throw it up in A Motley Vision or maybe ask another big blog if I can guest (By Common Consent is now a friend).

Of course, before I dismiss the blog's reach, I should note I still average a few dozen unique visitors a day (it is still true, however, that a significant portion of my hits every day for years now has been people wanting to look at this image of a cat liver), plus it's followed by an unknown number of readers and compilers etc. Who knows. Maybe I'm very popular. And all the discussion is happening off site. Or not at all.

Really, what does it matter.

Yet, so much of my soul is here (1501!) that I too remain here. It's practically a horcrux (shoutout to young people!).

Which is where we finally get to the svithey portion of this post.

Where we deposit our time, there we deposit our soul.

So the thoughtprovoking question (your answer to which I may never well hear) is how do we determine where to spend our bits of soul.



Where . . . .

pervious svithe


  1. Well said. I've been feeling similarly about blogs... mostly mine but also blogs in general. Some friends who I used to frequent their blogs I never check any more knowing that they are on FB and they update their statuses. What I can't figure out is how on earth any of the other social media will help me to journal. Still, it's starting to feel rather cumbersome and perhaps a bit annoying to post personal thoughts and family pictures on a public space, especially one that I doubt is getting all that much public readership. But anyhow, I wanted you to know that I read your blog regularly, I'm one of the Reader readers...

  2. .

    Thanks, Tristan. Right back at you. Just last night we were laughing at that picture of your daughter and the giant pile of books.