Proud Papa


The Big O played his first Single A game this weekend. This is the level where kids get to start pitching. How it works is the kid pitcher pitches until a) he throws four balls (at which time a coach takes over --- no walks at this level), b) he throws three strikes (at which time the batter is out), or c) he hits the batter (at which point the batter gets to go to first).

Since it was the first game of the season, coaches pitched the first two innings anyway. Then the Big O pitched the third inning (and only the third inning --- the kids rotate to a new position every inning).

The Big O posted some remarkable numbers in his first inning as a pitcher:
    0.00 ER
    Three strikeouts with three batters
    The only little league pitcher of the game never to require the coach taking over
    I wasn't counting but probably only about 12 or 15 pitches

The other number are obvious, I suppose. Striking out every batter you face means 0 H, 0 HRA etc etc etc.

Let's just say his pNERD is high, shall we?


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    Necessary disclaimer:

    No way to know really how much his performance predicts future performance. It may well be that the three batters he faced weren't terrific batters. How would I know? And since this entire season he'll never pitch more than one inning per game, it will never be easy to know if he's as good as he wants to be.

    To me, the most telling stat is that he never had a coach take over for him. He can get it over the plate. That counts for something at this level.

  2. That counts for a lot. Congratulations to TBO.

  3. He was impressive. I don't think I can always get the ball over the plate.

  4. That's so funny that you post this because just last night ken and I were talking about your adorable children and we ended up talking about O for quite a while and about how he is going to be a baseball superstar. We are going to count ourselves as his #1 fans, if you don't mind.

  5. Count me among the impressed. He can pitch far better than I can.

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    He's going to feel good tomorrow when I read these to him. Or cocky. Not sure whether or not to proceed.....