The A's starters are off to a great start, but they're still losing almost everything.
(In other news, I've been a Pirates fan waaay too long to take their strong start at all seriously.)


My boys are incredible baseball nuts (A's fans, to be specific). We don't have tv so I bought an antennae for my laptop and now we get about 50 stations mostly in HD, but you know what? They don't broadcast baseball. Maybe one game a week and those are just the game selected for national play. So maybe two A's games all year. The only way to watch the A's is on Comcast. Which angers me to no small degree. I am burning effigies of Bud Selig nightly.

I figure (since progeny notwithstanding I am not a particularly sporty guy) that there are people within view of this post who may know a hack or other Alternate Path to Baseball.

If so, I beg you to share your wisdom.



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    [Edit: Changed "bed" to "beg" in hopes to forestall any awkwardness.]

  2. That would be mlb.tv and you can stream it to your PC as well. It costs $99 a year, though. Cheaper than paying for cable every month, but still not great.

    And I agree -- even the few games of hockey, college football, pro basketball and baseball that used to be found on broadcast channels are now mostly gone to cable. That's lame.

    On the other hand: baseball is the perfect sport for radio.