Out for GC weekend (maybe)


It's a good thing I went and saw Questions of the Heart on opening night as I just found out I'll be away from my computer over the weekend. Lady Steed and I will be in Salt Lake of all places (would've rather gone last week to get MY AML AWARD, but so it goes). It being Utah I imagine I'll still be able to catch conference (the person I'm meeting with has to be there anyway, so I'm sure we'll be free and catch it on KSL or something), but my Svithetacular! notes will almost certainly not go up on time this Conference. (But that will be the first time since 2005 that I did not post immediately so I think I've earned some karma on this point. Back off.)

See you next week!


  1. Have fun! Do you want us to watch your kids for you?

  2. .

    That would be awesome, thanks. The real uptick here is you get to save on hotel $$$.

  3. Sadly we already paid for the hotel. Will you pass us in the air? If so, be sure to wave.

  4. You didn't come say hi! :(

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    (April fools.)

    But if I HAD come up LAST weekend as I'd wanted, I would have swung by and said hi.

  6. Oh MAN! I totally fell for this one! However, I do feel as though you have been in the area before and not stopped by, but I can't really hold that over you too much considering the number of times we've been in Sacramento and not said hello to you, I guess....


    I hope for a day when we live closer.