For years now I have been saying that if I have to have a real job, my first choice would be in Pixar's story department. (My second choice is teaching and, let's face it, that's a much easier nut to crack.) An outgrowth of that opinion is the recurring gag here on Thmusings wherein I facetiously ask John Lasseter (or, as in yesterday's post, Andrew Stanton) for a job. I've been doing this at least since my Cars post and possibly much longer. But maybe it's time for me to stop?

My neighbor of almost a year works at Pixar and I sent him a link to the WALL·E shuffle which means that now he is aware of my blog. Now, in my experience, most acquaintances, friends and especially family (with one notable exception) never visit blogs more than once, but there's always the chance I will make an IRL person's regular internet rounds and if my neighbor does stop by and see me going on about how much Pixar needs this constantly accepted-then-rejected-then-accepted-then-rejected novelist, what's he going to think? I don't want to be viewed as an opportunist.

As a Pixar fanatic, I was hugely grateful to see WALL·E early (and in the Pixar theater!) (directly off the rendering computers!) (for free!). As a connoisseur of animation, I appreciated Pixar's mastery. As a professional storyteller, I honor their mastery. As an artist who recognizes the primacy of film in our age, I want a piece of that action.

(Although, let's be frank, if I sold a million copies of Byuck next year, I wouldn't be hinting for a day job at all. Probably. Okay, I still would be. But I would be kidding in a different way!)

So! The purpose of this post is to request your thoughts on the subject. Now that I know actual real-live Pixar people, is it inappropriate or awkward or rude or offputting to keep hitting the Pixar muckymuck for a job? Should I stop? I think it's only entertaining for me anyway.

Please advise,



  1. Um. I'm gonna say you shouldn't worry about it. If anyone took your last post seriously, then they are altogether too serious and will probably be offended by something else soon enough.

    Also: Nice to know I'm notable!

    Also: You saw Wall-E early AND for free?? Our friendship may be waning now....

    (See, you aren't one of those overly serious people who'd be offended by such sayings, and I don't imagine anyone who reads your blog regularly is all that serious either.)

  2. I say increase the pleadings and maybe even call the guy up out of the blue and ask him for a job. Who knows? Maybe he'll be in a silly mood and just say yes. Maybe you'll feel generous and send me a finders fee.

    By the way, what did you publish and what's it about? I happen to know that you like reading and watching escapist fiction much more than your "notable exception" does (at least until 3 days ago) - does your writing brain like it as much?

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    Schlange--if you look at my sidebar, you'll see the "Now Online" section and a link to my website--both places have some of what has appeared.

    My worry is less about offending anyone and more about creating a constant elephant-in-the-room.

    (Also: I've noticed that on some blogs, requesting comments multiplies them, and on others dries them up. I've been going through a dryspell this past week or so anyway, but I've always been in the latter category. What's the deal with that?)

  4. I think it just depends on how passionate and opinionated your readers are on the subject you're asking about. I don't do well in the etiquette area, and I have a knack for unintentionally offending others, so I don't think I'd dispense very good advice.

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    True; maybe it has less to do with the asking and more to do with the what asked. I hadn't considered that.

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    Although let me add: I'm very hard to offend. And when offended, tend to forget rapidly. So don't worry about me.

  7. Ha. I guess my post was a little ambiguous. I wasn't thinking I'd offend you, per se. Your question was about etiquette (in my mind that's what I classified it under). I was just thinking that in general I'm a little etiquettely (I know, not a word) challenged so I wouldn't give you very good advice.