Here I sit


Here I sit
with a monkey on my knee

Trying to remember why
he's here with me

I once went to Pittsburgh
I was looking for a cow

And now that I'm in Cally
I will never once allow

Another fiendish monkey
With a scowl upon his face

Chirping over someone
That he just left in disgrace--

Weeping on the sidewalk
Weeping in the street

Weeping day in, day out
For the monkey's made effete

And now the primate army
marches out my door

Rendering all folk lonesome
With no access to their whores

And the land is scoured barren
and my mind feels much the same

And the monkey laughs so softly
and he crawls inside my brain.


  1. Oh. Well that's--unfortunate for you, I guess.

    But I'm confused. What is it you will "never once allow/Another fiendish monkey" to do?

  2. Oh. And did you find that cow?

  3. .

    It hardly matters any more.....