Dental Calumny


I got my teeth cleaned today. My teeth. My teeth are naturally, mm, not white. At their most brilliant, they are still not particularly white.

Today's hygienist asked if I drank coffee or tea. Um, neither, not once. Lots of juices? Not really. Well, some people's saliva is just staining.

Ah. Terrific.

Well I don't know what I'm supposed to do about that.

Stupid saliva....


  1. I'm blaming it on your tonsils.

  2. And it's official: the world is conspiring to say, "Katie--GO TO THE DENTIST." Except I'm afraid of the hygienist saying to me what she said to you . . . after all, it's been almost three years since I visited a dental establishment . . .

  3. They ask Matt that every time he goes in. They never believe him when he says no. However, his last hygienist said that if you breathe through your mouth a lot it could cause yellowing. He's had major allergies (stuffed up nose) and had to breath through his mouth a lot, so that explains it. Do you have to breath through your mouth a lot because of your many allergies?

  4. OR you could be more selective in the people's saliva you choose to drink, you sicko!

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    Haha! I will have to talk to someone about that, Schmett.

    I don't think I breathe through my mouth that much, but you never can tell, what with sleeping several hours a day and whatnot.

    If it makes you feel better, Conf, it had been two years for me. And about seven before that.

    And, like most things, it probably is my tonsils' fault.

  6. My teeth aren't white and it has something to do with some supplement or something that pregnant women were encouraged to have at the time, but which affects the enamel on the baby's teeth. Still, no-one's ever commented, so I figure they must be white enough.

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    Huh. I've never heard of that before. Was that a strictly Aussie thing?