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forplay sexy militant.

Do me a favor---scroll down where my Amazon ads are. Now, I know this post may be skewing the results, but do you see this among the ads? I've been getting it pretty much nonstop since the ads first went live and I've no idea why it's so persistent. I man--even that stupid Moses mousepad went away eventually!

The awful thing about being an innovator

Gram Parsons

I checked out Gram Parson's two classic cds from the library a couple weeks ago and today finally started listening to him on my way home from class tonight.

My first reaction was wonder: This is Gram Parsons the Really Big Deal? It just sounds like . . . what country music sounded like when I was a kid. What gives?

So before I came inside I skimmed the liner notes and learned this: This sound didn't exist before Gram Parsons; this brand of American Image didn't exist before Gram Parsons; Gram Parsons invented the soundtrack to my childhood.

It's sort of like when one of those Young Persons hears The Beatles for the first time and says, "Cliché. I totally know every sound here. This has all been done a millions times." Right. True. But the Beatles did it first.

Everything your best innovators touch turns into cliché eventually. It's a great curse.

You, baby, you


With the advent of readers and feeds and so forth, I can no longer be sure who reads Thmusings or how many whos there are. I know how many people actually come here and how many use Google Reader, but beyond that you are all a big mystery.

So hello, mystery people. I don't know who you are, but that ribbon was a nice touch.


  1. You know how many read you on Google Reader? How do you track that?

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    If you sign up for the info with Google, you put a meta tag in your blog's header, then you can check your Reader stats.

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    Go to your account, then it's under Webmaster Tools.

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  6. I'm pretty sure the Amazon ads are cookie-based. I'm getting hits related to what I've been browsing lately. I guess we now know what you've been up to lately.

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    I realized I would get pegged for that when I posted, but this shows up on my work computer too, where I never even come close to visiting any such things--and Lady Steed has been on a cookie jihad lately--no cookies can survive three days in the Thteed house--so it doesn't quite add up. As guilty as I would love to be.

    So no one else is getting that?

  8. Perhaps, then, it has to do with your "hands" post and accompanying photo. All I've been getting are knitting books and RAM.

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    I hate how consistent it is. I would rather have something new everytime. No matter how many times Amazon asks, I just don't have a militant fetish.

  10. hi2u.

    I come here to read when I remember to.

    I then hang my head low and slowly walk away when I don't know what movies to nominate.

  11. I think your fetish woman looks pregnant. Not that I'm trying to infer anything.

    She also has very nice legs and lots of bullets.

    Now I need to stop looking.

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    I've certainly seen worse.