Don’t steal this svithe.


I'm totally stealing this svithe.

Before Melyngoch left for her mission, she left an incredible post behind that not only quoted everyone from They Might Be Giants to Heloïse, but explained the Atonement to me in a bright and new way that may well prove to be life-changing.

Then (for all those of you who've been trying to decide if Harry Potter's mild-mannered secret identity is Jesus Christ), my brother Schmetterling figured the whole thing out. At least well enough for us nonmagical types.

And I would really like to expound but, well, Uber S is ascreaming and I ought to try harder to comfort him. Just holding him and treating him to the sounds of the keyboard does not seem to be cutting it. Bad Daddy.

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  1. Harry develops into an archetypal saviour-type character, but if JKR was trying to write him specifically as a Christ figure, she certainly hid it pretty well under all Harry's anger, hatred, jealousy, disrespect for authority and stubborn refusal to heed wise advice. Not that I think he is an evil character - overall I think his kindness, meekness, bravery and honest sacrifice outweigh his faults and weaknesses. But he's definitely flawed... unlike Christ.

  2. I liked the stolen svithe. Thanks for stealing it.

    However, I was expecting Heloise, the household hint maven. Maybe next time, you could put some household hints in with your svithe. Like, I just learned today that you can take your pills to the pharmacy and have them specially wrapped and marked with the day and time you need to take them. That's a pretty good hint if you have to take a lot of pills at various times.