Über S has been sad these many days


And I can't say as I blame him that much--although why he waited for me to get sick and for school to start I can't say.

But I think it's time we write our senators and demand that Linus's proposal once more be brought to the table:

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  1. You know, I think he's got a point there. Banjos would make things so much easier when you're first starting out in life.

  2. how about a harmonica? they might actually have a chance of playing it - just put it up their mouths when they're screaming, and it will make noise!

  3. Jew's harp. Except that's not the PC term anymore. I don't know what is. Maybe 'one of those mouth-things that used to be called a Jew's harp."

  4. Ahh Linus, gotta love him.