Thvlog I: 15 silent seconds


    So I've been meaning to start thvlogging for a while now, but technology just keeps killing me. I recorded the intended-to-be-first thvlog back in January, but have no way to transfer it from camera to computer without plunking down a few hundred bucks. Then, problem solved, we were given a camera that can plug nicely into the computer....but it only records 15 soundless seconds at a go.

    There are worse things, of course, and keeping it short is one great maxim of thvlogging anyway, but coming up with entertainment under these constraints is certainly going to be tricky.

    It was also an original intention of mine to post each video on both YouTube and one other video service; YouTube because it's #1 and another so I could check out all the others and see which I like best. As long as I'm stuck in 15-second mode, I think I won't bother with that part of the plan, however---I'll just stick to YouTube.

    Anyway, all that said, it is time to introduce the world to my new Thvlogger identity.

    Fifteen silent seconds at a time.


  1. Does this mean I have to start Fobvlogging to keep up with the Thjoneses?

  2. Beautiful in it's simplicity.

    And, so complex.

    Is that a mushroom cloud or a tree?

  3. Oh, wow, it didn't occur to me that it could be a tree. That gives the whole thing an entirely different reading!

  4. Cute drawings, did you do them yourself? I like the pie one the best.

    It never occurred to me that the last one might be a mushroom cloud. I have to go back and look again now.

    Nope, looks like a tree. To me.

    PS...does 'confirmed corporeality' mean people you have met in real life?

  5. It's definitely an apocalyptic mushroom cloud. My favorite part was at the end when theric straightens out the paper with the mushroom cloud on it, just to make sure the world ends as tidily as possible.

  6. .

    I don't want to clear up any ambiguities, but I will say that getting the straightening part right took two takes.

    And, Chosha: yes.

  7. Nice ring, Th. Nice ring.

  8. hmmmmm, 15 seconds huh? I think we should all consider this a challenge....

  9. .

    It would be interesting to see who could come up with the second-best video....